9:07 Mark Bowden

Author of The Finish: The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden.

9:37 Place In The Sun - Kaiteretere with Rob Guild

The best places to spend the summer in New Zealand.

9:50 Our Correspondent

USA with Charlie Herman.

10:08 Elvis's Birthday

Elvis tribute artist Che Orton

10:18 Elvis Fan Club

Jackie Bridges.

10:34 On Song with Simon Sweetman - Pink Frost

Simon Sweetman tells the story Pink Frost by The Chills.

10:46 Hidden Passions - Robert Webb

Kiwi's reveal their hidden passions... bird sanctuaries.

11:07 Tales From The Back Country - Land Girls

A daily serial featuring colourful characters from our rural past.

11:20 Stephen King Bookclub - Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary reviewed by Adam Brookfield

11:34 True Stories Told Live - Tim Lambourne

Real New Zealanders telling real stories.

11:41 Song I Could Listen to Again and Again - Rebecca Trustrum

11:50 Movies with Dom Corrie