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10:10 New Zealand's paparazzi

Norrie Montgomery joins Noelle in the studio to talk about photographing famous people and getting the celebrity shots that gossip mag readers are desperate to see.

10:25 Kiwis who should be famous

Dr Caroline Miller nominates John Mawson a town planner who was instrumental in convincing local councils in New Zealand of the need to carefully plan towns and cities.

10:40 Young New Zealanders of the Year

Over the next three shows we'll be featuring the three finalists of this year's New Zealander of the Year Awards. Today we hear from 24-year-old Divya Dhar from Auckland - a medical, social and climate change campaigner.

11:08 Captain Kremmen Episode 15

Will the knoxious Putron get our handsome hero or will he live to fight another day ...

11:15 Rattle Ya Dags - your daily kick in the pants

The creators of a website that gives you bitesized pieces of motivation everyday join Noelle to talk about filming their project and giving people a kick in the pants.

11:40 Short+Sweet Auckland

Theatre director Amanda Rees talks about the Short+Sweet festival - all plays are 10 minutes long so if you can't stand one, don't worry there'll be another coming along in nine minutes!