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10:10 Hillary Clinton's visit to New Zealand

We speak to Terence O'Brien about the US Secretary of State's visit and ask does this signal closer relationship with the world's largest economy.

10:25 Kiwis who should be Famous

Sir Robert Macintosh (1897-1989) became the second Professor of Anaesthetics in the world. He invented the laryngoscope which remains the most widely used piece of anaesthetic equipment in the world. Graham Sharpe nominates Sir Robert, a son of Timaru.

10:40 International Beach Volleyball Tour 2010

We catch up with Neil Purdon - organiser of the International Beach Volleyball Tour which is underway in New Zealand.

11:08 Captain Kremmen Episode 14

Kenny Everett's alter ego Captain Kremmen keeps plugging away to save the world.

11:15 Feature interview with Gin Wigmore

Kiwi singing sensation Gin Wigmore (Gin Wigmore) is in the studio to talk about the Big Day Out, among other things.

11:40 Matthew Crawford: our man in Melbourne

Matthew takes another look around the La Trobe Reading Room to uncover more forgotten stories of Australia's history.