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Summer Noelle - Thursday 1st January 2009

First up we have Poet/Doctor Glenn Colquhoun. Glenn will be telling us about his year, and we look at whether poet/doctor is a popular job combination.

Christina van Bohemen of the New Zealand Institute of Architects joins us to talk about her view on current New Zealand architecture and she also discusses some of her own work at Sills van Bohemen Architecture

Radio New Zealand reporter Megan Whelan talks to Wellington artist Sam Broad about how he has made many iconic New Zealand images his bread and butter.

After the 11 o'clock news Episode Five ofChickenman!

The longest running radio serial of all time by Dick Orkin (Radio Hall of Fame, April 2002 by the National Association of Broadcasters).

The 60s Radio serial has "aired in more than 3,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide via Armed Forces Radio,making it the longest running radio serial of all time" (2008 Radio Ranch). Many remember the serial from Adrian Cronauer's radio show, the inspiration for the feature film 'Good Morning Vietnam' starring Robbin Williams. This is not to be missed. If you remember it the first time it was broadcast it will still have you laughing and just as confused. If you have never heard it you will become a fan in no time.
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After Chickenman!, Wayne Anderson is the Singer of Songs. This year has been busy for Wayne, he has been travelling not only around New Zealand, but fitted in a trip overseas. He talks with us about his travels and being a television star. Wayne will be singing in the studio, helping us celebrate the New Year.

At 11.30, Noelle and producer Kate are visiting Auckland Zoo over the next two days. They meet up with Conservation Officer Peter Fraser for a trip around the Zoo, then go 'backstage' with team leader of the NZ Fauna Section Andrew Nelson. On Day Two, Craig Pritchard, manager of the New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine (NZCCM) and vet, Dr John Potter (who has been at the Zoo for over 20 years) tell us about some of the work that has been going on to help save some of New Zealands (and the worlds) most at risk animals and birds.

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