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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Tuesday 19 January 2021


09:05 Public trust in governments during a pandemic 

The waves of the pandemic across the globe in 2020 quickly exposed which countries were prepared to deal with a crisis of this size. One of the factors that governments have been grappling with is how much the public trusts them. 

Professor Robin Gauld from Otago University has been working with colleagues in Australia to try and work out how strong public trust is on both sides of the Tasman. They're also trying to work out what impacts public trust in government during a pandemic. 

Robin Gauld, a health systems specialist at Otago University,

Robin Gauld, is a health systems specialist at Otago University. Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer

09:15 Rental market supercharged as university year looms

A one-bedroom dwelling made from a shipping container and garden shed in Wellington has been listed to rent, for $390. The room in Johnsonville is said to be suitable for one person, and close to the mall and local schools. It comes as students in Wellington call for better living support as an over-inflated rental market forces them out of the city centre.

Geordie Rogers from Renters United joins Emile to discuss how difficult this year is already shaping up to be for renters in New Zealand's cities. 

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Photo: Sourced from Trademe

09:20 Beaked whales and sunfish basking in South Pacific Ocean

The crew of a marine research voyage have disembarked in Northland with huge smiles on their faces. The Far Out Ocean Research Collective team is made up of marine mammal and seabird specialists and they were on a mission to survey the ocean life in the South Pacific Ocean. They found more than they bargained for and are absolutely stoked about it. 

Marine ecologist Dr Tom Brough from Niwa was one of the scientists on the survey journey and he joins Emile to explain why it was such an exciting trip. 

09:30 K-Pop choreography in Auckland 

K pop is not just music, it is as much about the dancing - and Auckland based choreographer and dancer Rina Chae is busy preparing for a one night only KPop party as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival in March. And she's inviting all K-pop fans in Aotearoa to send through a video of themselves showcasing their best moves - either solo or a crew. The finalists get to perform on the night. All details here 

Rina Chae joins Emile to discuss the phenomenon of K-Pop and the enthusiasm for it in Aotearoa's largest city.

Auckland Fringe Town K-Pop Party

Auckland Fringe Town K-Pop Party Photo: David St George

09:45 Correspondent: US with Simon Hampton 

New Zealand freelance journalist Simon Hampton is on his way to Washington this week to cover the inauguration. He takes a moment to speak with Emile from a country sitting on a very complex set of cultural and political fault lines. 

A member of the National Guard provides security at the US Capitol on January 14, 2021, in Washington, DC, a week after supporters of US President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol, and ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20.

Photo: AFP

10:00 The Diet Compass - what to eat, when 

The world is awash in advice about diets; eat like the French, eat like cavemen, fast and then eat.  

It can make the most  conscientious eater feel all at sea.    

German science writer Bas Kast wants offer some direction. 

He found himself trying to negotiate his way through the maze of myths and misinformation about food and diet after collapsing with chest pains.  

Pouring over thousands of research papers, he offers a way through the hype in his book, The Diet Compass: the 12-step guide to science-based nutrition for a healthier and longer life.  

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10:30 Podcast Critic: Laura Dooney 

Summertimes producer Laura Dooney joins Emile with a raft of podcasts she's been listening to over the summer. 

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Photo: Unsplash / Andy Velazquez

10:45 Podcast: Are We There Yet

11:00 Bookmarks: Kadambari Raghukumar

The producer and presenter of RNZ's Voices programme joins Emile to talk about her life and pick some of her favourite books, films music and more! 

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Photo: RNZ/Kadambari Gladding

11:30 Art crime no new thing in Aotearoa 

The case of a missing Goldie oil painting has been captivating people all over the country. Sleep 'tis a Gentle Thing was taken along with other valuable artworks and antiques between 27 December and 3 January. A lot of people have expressed surprise at an art theft in New Zealand, but we have a long history of it! 

Penelope Jackson is the Author of Thieves, Fakers and Fraudsters: The New Zealand Story and Females in the Frame; women, art and crime.

C. F. Goldie painting, Sleep 'tis a Gentle Thing.

Photo: Supplied

11:45 Regional round up: Doug Davidson 

Doug Davidson from the River City Press newspaper in Whanganui joins Emile to discuss an interesting year to come on the banks of the river. 

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Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin