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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Wednesday 11 January 2017

9:10 Sally Pairman -CEO of the International Confederation of Midwives

She's been working in and around the midwifery sector for over 30 years as a midwife, lecturer, author and advocate now, celebrated Dunedinite Sally Pairman... has what you might call a bit of a promotion. 

The study found a lower chance of problems when there was doctor-led care, rather than midwife-led care.

The study found a lower chance of problems when there was doctor-led care, rather than midwife-led care. Photo: Supplied

9:15 Great NZ Swimming Spots: Rhys James

Where's the best place for a dip this Summer? Rhys James gives us the low down and reveals the secrets of NZ's best swimming locations

Wharariki Beach near Collingwood, Golden Bay.

Wharariki Beach near Collingwood, Golden Bay. Photo: AFP

9:25 Employee of the Month Edwina Clarke

9:35 Best of Jesse: Adam Grant - Procrastination 

Adam Grant

Adam Grant Photo: supplied

10.20  Professor Karen Fernandez 

Karen Fernandez research on why people are so fond of vinyl records.  

A while back ... Karen Fernandez associate professor of Marketing at the University of Auckland Business School .. had noticed the trend for all things retro, vintage and legacy - from home gardening to vinyl. 

Record store

Record store Photo: Public Domain

10:50 What Are You Reading?

Will Mahon-Heap, digital entreprenuer and founder of the country's largest Equity crowdfunding platform  talks about The History of Loneliness 

11:07   Rose Jackson 

You could be forgiven for thinking you've done a Marty McFly if you head to Auckland's Aotea Square this weekend.

It's Vintage Weekend -  taking you back in time with music, dance, fashion and a vintage market.

[no caption]

Photo: Google images

11:15 Health with Niki Bezzant

Why detox diets are nonsense and we don't need them!

Healthy Food Guide's Niki Bezzant.

Healthy Food Guide's Niki Bezzant. Photo: Supplied

11:30 This Way Up Car Fit

CarFit is an international programme helping older drivers be more comfortable and safer in their cars. 

This Way Up's Simon Morton went along to a local fitting session.

AA CarFit Upper Hutt

AA CarFit Upper Hutt Photo: Simon Morton

11:45 This Way Up  Touch Tour

The French classical music quartet Les Talens Lyriques toured NZ last year and their music was audio described for the benefit of blind and vision impaired people in the audience by Nicola Owen.

Simon Morton met her before a concert 

On the Touch Tour

On the Touch Tour Photo: (Darcy Woods supplied courtesy of Chamber Music New Zealand © 2016)