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9:05 VoxPop - Peter Fowler plays first audio using new app. 

The app is available on Android click here to download

9:10 West Coast Tourism - Kevin Stratful

Numbers are expected to soar well beyond 1 million a year on the West Coast- and that has prompted calls for more government spending on infrastructure and private investment in small businesses including shops, accommodation and services.

An action plan on ways to boost the West Coast economy - from tourism to agriculture - is due be released to the public in February. 

Punakaiki on the West Coast

Punakaiki on the West Coast Photo: wiki commons

9:25 Employee of the Month  Michelle Anderson  

Librarians are working over summer!  

We got a message from Michelle Anderson who leads a team of librarians looking after the needs of children and teenagers in Tauranga. 

9:30  Best of Jesse: Mark Forsyth - Adjectives

Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth Photo: YoiuTube

10.10  Adam Alexander  Roxette for Babies

Maybe you lived through the 80s.. and maybe you were a fan of Swedish pop rock duo Roxette. Now if you have a baby - get ready to rock them to sleep. 

[no caption]

Photo: Supplied

10.20  Peter Townsend protecting the Okura Estuary

The Okura Estuary is one of the wonders of Auckland's East Coast Bays. It is part of the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve, bound on its northern edge by lush native bush containing native trees hundreds of years old, and bordered on its south eastern coast by the northern end of Long Bay Regional Park.

Okura Estuary

Okura Estuary Photo: supplied

10:20 Expats/Home for Christmas

Ben plays drums for Lorde

Ben Barter

Ben Barter Photo: Supplied

10:50 What Are You Reading?

Russel Norman, head of Greenpeace New Zealand. 

Russel Norman.

Russel Norman. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

11:10 Wurlitzer Photoplayer 

Wurlitzer Photoplayer is being restored, its from 1915. 

Wurlitzer Photoplayer 1915

Wurlitzer Photoplayer 1915 Photo: Supplied

11:20 Food with Megan May 

In the few years that Little Bird Organics and its Unbakeries have existed, Megan May has cemented her place as one of Auckland's most important and influential chefs.  

11:30 The Best of NZ Live: Broods (26:54)