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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Friday 6 January 2017

9.15 Nigel Costley

 Nelson-based Apiarist and beekeeping teacher giving us a  Bee report for this summer as well as ways to reduce insecticide harm to bees and easy tips for boosting bee numbers.

honey bee

honey bee Photo: supplied

9.25  Dale Clareburt

 Co-founder of Recruitment solutions firm WEIRDLY, talking about how many New Zealand employers are dealing with offering work-life balance and if NZ will ever move to enact the kind of legislation passed this week in France  which states employers can't contact employees on holiday.

[no caption]

Photo: Supplied

9:35  Employee of the Month Wendi Lane

Wendi works at the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre 

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Photo: Supplied 

9:45 Best of Jesse: Ricky Gervais - David Brent (15min) 

10.07 Whangamomona Hotel

Owners Richard and Vicki Pratt check in with us midday about their time with Helen Clark. 

Helen Clark at the Whangamomona Hotel

Helen Clark at the Whangamomona Hotel Photo: Facebook

10.15  Richard Smith

Bangledeshi Tigers supporter, lived and worked in Bangladesh, can speak the language and knows the culture well, can talk about being a supporter and seeing them Boxing Day at Hagley Oval on boxing day. Can analyse the problems with their game!

New Zealand's Tom Bruce, left, in action batting against Bangladesh in Napier.

New Zealand's Tom Bruce, left, in action batting against Bangladesh in Napier. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

10:30 What are you reading?

Mike Joy an environmental scientist.  He talks about  Secret Histories; finding  
George Orwell in a Burmese Teashop by Emma Larkin // and Sea Change: Alone Across the Atlantic in a Wooden Boat by Peter Nichols. 

11:10 Wine with Michael Cooper

What is Michael Cooper putting in his glass?

wine bottle being opened


11:20 The Wurlitzer Photo Player

Kevin Hanna & Nathan Smith are restoring a silent film treasure. 

Wurlitzer Photoplayer 1915

Wurlitzer Photoplayer 1915 Photo: Supplied

11:35 NZ Live: Avalanche City