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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Thursday 5 January 2017

9:00 News

9:07 Kaikoura tourism - Winston Gray 

The road has been closed since November's seven point eight magnitude earthquake - and the transport agency says it isn't expecting it to be fully re-opened again until the end of 2017. 

Winston Gray is the Mayor of Kaikoura District. 

Inland road opened today.

no captipn Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

9:12 Kaikoura business Daniel Jenkins  

His cheesemaker walked out this week.   

Now it looks like the road North from Kaikoura won't re-open completely for a year. 

It sounds like a really bad country ballad but it's Daniel Jenkins' reality, 

Click here to go to their website

Owner of Kaikoura Cheese, Daniel Jenkins

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

9:20 Employee of the month - Kevin Fraher 

9:30 Best of Jesse: Will Shortz - Crosswords 

Will Shortz has been the editor of the crosswords in the New York Times - the gold standard in newspaper crosswords - since 1993. He is a true 14-letter word starting with 'C' and ending with 'T'

Will Shortz

Photo: Google Images

10:07  Ferrets - Al Glen 

A team from Landcare Research has made a pongy discovery in the fight against pests.

a ferret dragging a dead rabbit


10:15  John Wright - Blues & Cricket 

John Wright is known to us as a former international cricketer and former captain of the New Zealand side. 

John Wright is returning to Derbyshire

John Wright is returning to Derbyshire Photo: Photosport

10:20 Whale stranding advice with Ingrid Visser 

What can be done if you see a whale stranded on the beach?

DOC ranger Phred Dobbins with the stranded whales at Doughboy Bay, Stewart Island.

DOC ranger Phred Dobbins with the stranded whales at Doughboy Bay, Stewart Island. Photo: Department of Conservation/ Supplied

10:30 Mose Allison  

Older entertainers must have been getting nervous throughout 2016 as the number of them dying seemed to accelerate throughout the course of the year.  

In November another legend was lost, Blues and Jazz pianist-singer and song writer Mose Allison passed away. 

10:50 -  Kevin Hanna and The Wurlitzer 

11:07 Caroline Bay audio 

The Caroline Bay Carnival

The Caroline Bay Carnival Photo: The Caroline Bay Carnival

11:15 Books with Charlotte Graham 

11:30 The Best of NZ Live: Aldous Harding 

Watch Aldous Harding perform on RNZ here