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8:10 Best of Kim Hill 2016 

Tearepa Kahi directed Poi E and talked to Kim Hill earlier this year. 

9:05 The Weta Hotel

Recently, Jesse mentioned how excited his family was to find a weta in their sun umbrella when they opened it up for summer. Turns out you guys like wetas too, and Chris Chadwick and Rosemary Downard have a weta hotel... 

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Photo: Supplied

9:10 Sun protection for employees - Chris Jackson

Should employers be providing sun protection for outdoor workers at this time of year? 

The Cancer Society says of course they should!

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Photo: Facebook / Cancer Society

9:15 The Whare Flat Festival 

Siobhan Dillon will tell us a bit about the Whare Flat Festival. It was started in 1975. 

Whare Flat Festival

Whare Flat Festival Photo: Supplied

9:30 Jesse Best-Of: Kent Kiehl on Psychopaths 

Psychopath brain scans

Psychopath brain scans Photo: Kent Kiehl

Dr Kent Kiehl spends his days talking to people who have no compassion or empathy  for others. They are rapists and murderers.  He studies their brains in an effort to understand the science of people who have no conscience. 

10:05 Beachgoer Safety & Apps 

Clint van Marrewijk app Safer Me was set up to help keep people safe at work but with staff heading to the beach this summer they added the ability to share the location of sharks and rips. 

Screencap of Safer Me

Screencap of Safer Me Photo: Screenshot

10:10 Eating potatoes all year

Andrew Taylor has been eating potatos all year. For every meal. He's claims to have lost 50 kg due to his lifestyle change, and has hit headlines globally for his strange eating habit. 

10:15 Employee of the Month - Lydia Bradey 

 Lydia Bradey is a climber and mountain and ski  guide. Lydia was a the first woman to climb Mt Everest without the use of additional oxygen.  At the moment, she's off to guide an expedition the South Pole. 

10:30 This Way Up Best-Of: Shoeing Horses 


Shoe Photo: Shoe

This Way Up heads out with farrier Jason Wood to go and shoe some horses in the Manawatu.

11:07  Home For Christmas: Rachel Martin 

She works at The Sun in London, she's been there 18 months and she's home for Christmas 

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin in NZ Photo: Supplied

11:25 NZ Live Best-Of: Mel Parsons

Mel Parsons, is a singer from Westport she occasionally tours in a 'pimped out' horse truck.... and she sings beautifully....