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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Wednesday 28 December 2016


8:10 Jesse's Intro

Summer Days with Jesse Mulligan begins here! 

8:15 Best of Kim Hill

Kim conducts a probing interview with Burt Reynolds. 

Burt Reynolds thumb

Burt Reynolds thumb Photo: Universal Pictures

9:06  Jesse's question of the day: What is your favourite Summer song, and why? 

Jesse wants to know what your favourite Summer song is & WHY! Text us on 2101, or email

9:08 Voxpop - Peter Fowler 

Peter Fowler has been working on an exciting new smartphone app that allows you, the audience, to be heard on the radio. 

9:15 Best Of Jesse Mulligan - Queen Harmonies  

Nick Braae has immersed himself in the style and harmonies of the band Queen.  It is the subject of his PhD at Waikato University. He analysed the group's studio recordings between 1973 and 1980 to see how they developed their style and their musical relationships with contemporaries such as the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

10:00 Samoa's first sliver medal

Samoan weightlifter Ele Opeloge, has just won the first Sliver Medal for Samoa at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

Now you're probably wondering how such a thing could ever happen a whole 8 years later! Matt Chatterton from RNZ Sport will be joining us to explain. 

10:05  Maze Making - Andy

A maze from above

The maze this year from above. Photo: Supplied

Andy is here to tell us about the Amazing Maze in Maize.  He came up with the idea of having a corn maze 25 years ago when he saw it in America and bought it back to New Zealand.   

10:15 Employee of the month: Steve Gilkison 

Steve Gilkison is a harbour pilot for Bluff, Fjordland and Stewart Island. 

They are open every day of the year, apart from Christmas day and they work around the clock 
keeping an eye on cruise ships, tug boats, the habour traffic and the tide.

Steve Gilkison

Steve Gilkison Photo: Supplied

10:25 Best Of This Way Up - Foley Artists 

Simon Morton of This Way Up speaks to Foley Mixer and Editor Amy Barber and Foley Artist and editor Jonathan Bruce of Bespoke Post based in Auckland.

11:05 Home for Christmas - Kate McDonald 

Our Expat today is Kate McDonald who's been living in France for a number of years now.  She has been turning an 18th century barn in Brittany into a holiday destination. 

[no caption]

Photo: Kate Mcdonald

Their website is here:

11:20 Best of NZ Live - Maala

Maala - a musician who was originally shrouded in secrecy.  Auckland-based singer-songwriter Evan William Sinton initially gave few interviews, and even shied away from revealing his real name.  Part of the reason could be because he didn't have a huge backstory. By day, he worked in a warehouse, but, at night, he discovered, or reinvented, himself ... writing songs and honing his vocal talent.  It was a talent which Sony Music discovered early, and they managed to keep him under wraps until the release of his debut album.  And he jammed with us earlier this year, playing songs off Composure.