14 Mar 2021

Four famous legends in a future afterlife

From Standing Room Only, 2:51 pm on 14 March 2021

A fictional story of four real-life rainbow activists set in an afterlife - in 2079 to be exact - is the idea behind what's believed to be Aotearoa's first all Queer People Of Colour play.

The international icons, including New Zealand's own Carmen, are attending a lavish event  when they are suddenly thrown out and trapped in a room with no explanation. 

With Carmen are Samoan fa'afafine activist To'oto'oali'i Roger Stanley, Chinese gay activist Gary Wu and  American gay civil rights icon and entertainer Stormé DeLarverie.

The Eternal Queers is about to  debut at Wellington Pride 2021.  It's the second play by Black Afro-Caribbean lesbian playwright Estelle Chout.  Lynn Freeman spoke with Estelle, and with Selena Pirika who's playing Carmen.

The Eternal Queers premieres on Tuesday March 23rd at Wellington Museum.