22 Nov 2020

John Psathas - writing music for a pandemic world

From Standing Room Only, 1:30 pm on 22 November 2020

New Zealand composer John Psathas had a road to Damascus moment in 2018 while roaring along at Toto's 40th anniversary concert at London's Royal Albert Hall.

After decades of splitting his time between teaching at the New Zealand School of Music and fitting composing in when he could, it  was time for a change. He's moved to Waitarere on the Horowhenua coast where he now dedicates all of his time to composing. 

Fascinated by the pandemic and the effect it was having on musicians John and his former student guitarist Jack Hooker set about bringing New Zealand musicians from all around the globe together virtually for a huge cross genre collaboration. It's called 'It's Already Tomorrow' and it comes out this Friday. 

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Photo: John Psathas