9 Sep 2018

New Zealand independent publishers

From Standing Room Only, 12:43 pm on 9 September 2018

How does this add up? While more and more independent New Zealand publishers are appearing on the scene, new research indicates a growing portion of our population have stopped reading books. A recent survey shows that more than 420,000 Kiwis did not read a single book last year.. That's despite a large number of homegrown titles being published each year - fiction and non-fiction - with many more timed to come out in time for the Christmas market. Seven Indie publishers have just wrapped up a main centre road trip, talking to booksellers and the media about their book list and their optimism about their industry. But behind the smiles, there's genuine concern about the decline in reading. Lynn Freeman spoke to two of the publishers - Fergus Barrowman from Victoria University Press. and Jenny Nagle representing one of the new publishers on the block, OneTree.