5 Nov 2017

Dane Mitchell will represent NZ at the next Venice Biennale

From Standing Room Only, 12:47 pm on 5 November 2017

Usually art presented at the Venice Art Biennale is designed to encourage people to stop and look. But the artwork representing New Zealand at the 2019 Biennale will largely be hiding in plain sight. Auckland artist Dane Mitchell is New Zealand's pick for the 58th International Art Exhibition in 2019. He likes to explore the invisible - often working with scents and noise. He's about to open an exhibition in Japan based on fragrance, incense and irises before heading to New Zealand next year. For Venice, he's going to transmit broadcasts throughout the historical city, from the exhibition's home base at the Giardini, one of the two main pavillion hubs of the Biennale. Dane talks to Lynn Freeman about some of the other possible sites for the work he'll position around the city.