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12:15 Stories of cerebral palsy told in Squeaky Wheel 

From funny to heart breaking, the stories of people with cerebral palsy and those who advocate for them are told in a new verbatim play called Squeaky Wheel.

Writer Kat Thomas, whose daughter Ella has the condition, has collected stories from a range of people which are told, word for word, in the play.

Kat is a single mother and PhD student as well as fighting for Ella's rights and she hopes the work will helps others like her family feel not so isolated, and help the wider population to understand more about the condition.  

Squeaky Wheel premieres on the 10th of April at the Cerebral Palsy Society Office in Auckland then it heads to the Auckland Old Folks Association. Tickets can be purchased here

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12:30 Lissa Mitchell: bringing to life stories of early women photographers 

Bringing the stories of early women photographers in New Zealand out of the dark and into the light is the task Lissa Mitchell has set herself.

In the Dark: women and New Zealand photography to 1960 is the name of the book she's working on, with the help of a New Zealand History Research Trust Fund Award from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

There's little written about women who were working in studios here from the 1870s, usually behind the scenes in the early years before some set up their own businesses.

Lissa is a curator of Historical Photography at Te Papa and that's where she realised that women's contribution to photography has been overlooked. 

If you think you have useful information for Lissa Mitchell send it to us and we'll pass it on: 

12:45 Model maker Chris Menges on swords, armour, and props

From making prop swords that look sharp enough slice the hairs on your arm to a full set of armour, weapons fabricator, armourer and model maker Christopher Menges is an expert.

His CV includes Bladerunner 2049, the updated TV version of Thunderbirds Are Go, Ghost in the Shell and Attack of the Reptiles.

These days he's focussed on swords, and is running sword making workshops in Lower Hutt.  

1:10 At The Movies

1:33 Miniature models of the Christchurch that was

Christchurch artist Mike Beer creates miniature models of Christchurch buildings that were lost in the Canterbury earthquakes. 

Through these tiny models Mike hopes to remind people of the buildings that once shaped the city - and bring back the feelings and memories associated with them. 

Mike, who goes by the name Ghostcat, says It's all about the connections people have with a time, and place. 

His models are to be displayed at Fiksate Gallery in Christchuch from April 9. 

1:50  New York City from all angles 

At the end of 2019 Dunedin three artists went to New York to explore the city, and capture different scenes - from different perspectives. 

Little did they know they were visiting just before the city streets would empty, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The exhibition Escape from New York is the end result - it combines the work of Jay Hutchinson who creates textiles out of rubbish, and two photographers 

Petra Leary who uses drones for her aerial photography, and Tim D- a photographer who documents youth subcultures and changing urban environments. 

Each of the trio have a background in graffiti, making the Big Apple the perfect playground for inspiration for their show, which has just opened at Olga Gallery in Dunedin.  

2:06 The Laugh Track - Patch Lambert 

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2:35 Abby Cunnane: leading the Physics Room 

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Taking over an art gallery with a reputation for daring work that is more about pushing boundaries than making sales, is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Abby Cunnane has only been Director of Christchurch's Physic's Room since January, but she's got big plans for the central city space.

She's putting together a new exhibition of emerging artists called Bedrock, which features the work of Emerita Baik, Maia McDonald, and Naawie Tutugoro. 

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2:40 Thriller set among Kiwi vineyards 

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Vineyards are the setting for a new Aotearoa based thriller.

Blood on the Vines is by Swedish migrant Madeleine Eskedahl who's now based in Auckland.

The first in a planned trilogy, "The Matakana Series", it tells the story of an ex-wine maker who is murdered - the execution setting off a spate of vile attacks. 

Madeleine Eskedahl joins Lynn Freeman to discuss her new murder-mystery. 

2:49 Richard Huber 

A multi media stage show about a fatal fire in a toy factory in Thailand in 1993, and a play about two privileged malcontents trapped in a room together, are both works in the upcoming Dunedin Arts Festival worked on by long time collaborators Richard Huber and Simon O'Connor.

On the two-hander Simple Acts they brought in one of New Zealand's foremost writers Vincent O'Sullivan to work up a script from their ideas.

Toy Factory Fire, meanwhile, was workshopped at the Dunedin Fringe a couple of years ago and is ready to be performed with videos and a full soundscape.

Richard Huber speaks to Lynn Freeman about the two works. 

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3:06 Drama at 3 -