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12:30 Will there be any blockbusters in New Zealand film in 2020? 

More than 20 New Zealand feature films are due out for release this year. 

Will any be smash hits? It doesn't happen that often when you think about it. 

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy, The World's Fastest Indian, Whale Rider and Once Were Warriors are still the top five. And the most recent one, Wilderpeople, came out back in 2016. 

Number nine in the top ten came out in 2014, that was What We Do In The Shadows. 

But is box office success the only gauge of a healthy homegrown film industry?

Lynn speaks to the New Zealand Film Commission's CEO Annabelle Sheehan.

Annabelle Sheehan

Annabelle Sheehan Photo: NZ Film Commission

1:10 At The Movies

Dan Slevin reviews two films starring Kristen Stewart, Underwater, and Seberg, and A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, which features Tom Hanks.

1:33 Josephine Rout: the Kiwi curating a kimono exhibition in London 

A New Zealander is working on an ambitious exhibition about the Japanese kimono.

From rare early traditional 17th century examples through to ones designed by fashion icons Alexander Mcqueen and Yves Saint Laurent, and kimono based costumes created for the Star Wars Movies. 

London's Victoria & Albert Museum is hosting the exhibition, Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk. 

Co-curator Josephine Rout, talks to Lynn about her dream assignment. 

1:50 Mark Hadlow and Alison Quigan start in Roger Hall's new play - Winding Up

Thirty years after Sir Roger Hall first introduced New Zealand theatre audiences to married couple Barry and Gen in his play Conjugal Rites, they're back - older, grumpier, and still together.

Winding Up is the name of the sequel and the first actors to take on the roles for this Auckland Theate Company production are Alison Quigan and Mark Hadlow.

Between them Alison and Mark have worked on more than 250 plays, many of them Hall comedies, since they trained together at drama school in 1978.

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Photo: Supplied

2:06 The Laugh Track - Tim Müller

Tim Müller - by day, he's an environmental scientist who looks at water quality, nutrient management and data science; by night, a comedian. 

He's the founder of Remarkably Funny, a club for stand up comedians in Queenstown and the wider Southern Lakes area - which organises and performs in shows in the region. 

Tim has also helped get the Raw Comedy Quest to Dunedin for the first time. 

The group works closely with Yonder a venue that hosts comedy, and was nominated Best Comedy Venue in the NZ Comedy Guild Awards last year. 

Tim, too was nominated for Outstanding Contribution to the Industry. 

He joins Lynn to share some of his favourite comedy clips. 

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Photo: Blackroom Photography

2:25 Writer Scarlett Thomas on her new book - Oligarchy 

London writer Scarlett Thomas has referenced some of her own miserable memories of being at boarding school in her latest and 10th novel Oligarchy.

She's a guest speaker at the New Zealand Festival Writers programme in Wellington in March.

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Photo: Ed Thompson NZF20

2:40 Peter Chan and the challenges facing archivists collecting emails

People dedicated to collecting and archiving our history are grappling with how to collect and store millions of emails - in a bid to preserve that part of our heritage. 

An archiving email symposium has just been held Thursday and friday last week as part of The Alexander Turnbull Library centenary celebrations. 

The keynote speaker was Peter Chan, a digital archivist at Standford University in the United States, who is said to be one of the best in his field. 

Mr Chan led the creation of software that helps sort emails and make them easier for researchers to access and search - it's known as ePADD 

The software is used by our own National Library as it works to archive our digital history. 

Producer Laura Dooney went to the library to talk to Peter Chan, and began by asking why collecting and storing emails is so important. 

Peter Chan

Photo: © 2020 National Library Imaging Services, Department of Internal Affairs

3:06 Drama at 3 - Crumpy 

New Zealand's Good Keen Man would have been 82 this year had he survived into the 21st Century
But it was not to be.  

The bushman and writer Barry Crump died in the 1990's and our Wednesday drama tonight re-tells his story as seen by a playwright  


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