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On Standing Room Only, a movie can't exist without an audience.  And hit films like Daffodils, The Breaker Upperers and Gardening with Soul didn't sell themselves.  We talk to the publicists who make it happen.  The troubled Hundertwasser Art Centre of Whangarei has a new chief executive - can she win the community's hearts and minds?  We feature artists from both sides the Pacific - the famous Pacifica Mamas, and Inuk artist Mark Igloliorte.   Novelist Jeff Murray looks to the future in his new book Melt - New Zealand is very different 30 years on - while Jessica Murray wants to show that many of Christchurch's heritage buildings are still standing long after the earthquakes.

All this plus Mournmoor Murders on the Laugh Track, our usual 3 O'clock Drama and more songs about melting than you can shake an icicle at.


12:37  The most important element of a movie - the audience

You've spent years - and an awful lot of money - making your film.   Now to find an audience.  Everyone, cross your fingers and wish really hard!

That's never a sensible strategy.   Getting an audience requires a good, and often costly, publicity campaign.  And the recent hit movie Daffodils was an object lesson in how to do it.   By the time the film was released, most of country already knew it was coming out, and couldn't wait to see it.

So how do you raise enough money to launch a successful campaign, and is there any way to do it that doesn't cost a fortune?

Simon Morris convenes a high-powered panel to throw light on how to gain an audience for your movie.  Mark Chamberlain is the General Manager of Transmission Films New Zealand, who released Daffodils, as well as Boy, The Dark Horse, The Dead Lands, The Orator and many more.  

Adria Buckton, General Manager of Trigger Marketing, is one of the most respected publicists in the business - she was responsible for the publicity campaign for Daffodils,  as well as Boy, Mahana and countless others.

Comparative new boy Chris Henry, managing director of the entertainment publicity firm 818, has launched hits like The Breaker Upperers, What we do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople

And producer Vicky Pope produced the breakout, low-budget hit Gardening with soul. 

1:10 At The Movies

Simon Morris reviews Men In Black International, Sometimes always never and Wild Rose

1:31  Kathleen Drumm plans to champion the Hundertwasser

One of the first challenges facing the first chief executive of Whangārei's Hundertwasser Art Centre, will be to win the hearts and minds of the many people who've opposed the project from the start:

Kathleen Drumm is now helming the 29-million dollar building project that will turn a design by the late artist and architect Frederick Hundertwasser into reality, and potentially rival the popular Kawakawa toilets as a tourist attraction.

She left a career working in the film industry, most recently at the Toronto International Film Festival, to take up the job.

Kathleen's Northland born and bred but has been away during the years of bitter debate about the Hundertwasser buliding and Wairau Māori Art Gallery that'll be housed in it.

Lynn Freeman asks Kathleen how she plans to get people who've fought against the centre on side:

1:47  Indigenous Canadian artist Mark Igloliorte 

Inuk artist Mark Igloliorte made a travel pillow from seal skin and used it on his flight to New Zealand to highlight how Inuit  communities are suffering from restricted international trade in seal skins.

The pillow is now on show in his exhibition called Traverse, at Ramp Gallery on Wintec’s city campus in Hamilton.  Mark’s show was organised by Ramp Gallery to line up with the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Conference being held this week at Waikato University.

Traverse also features a large painting to remind people that the word "Kayak" is from the Inuit language, and the vessel was originally a Seal Hunting Boat.

Mark Igloliorte tells Lynn Freeman that, just like te reo here in Aotearoa, language is vitally important to his people.


2:06 The Laugh Track - Alice May Connolly and Maria Connolly

One of the great things about doing the Laugh Track is finding brand-new talent.  The other thing of course is checking out the brand new talent's choice of clips, which are often pretty brand-new themselves.

Maria Williams and Alice May Connolly picked up a Best Newcomer award at the recent International Comedy Festival for their show called Mournmoor Murders, which by all accounts sticks it to every murder mystery show from Midsomer to Brokenwood!

Alice and Maria join Simon Morris on the Laugh Track, and their picks include Beth Stelling, Chelsea Peretti, Hannibal Buress and Benito Skinner.

2:26 The Pacifica Mamas embrace both tradition and innovation

Since the early 1980s the arts collective Pacifica Mamas (and more recently Papas) has kept traditional Island arts and crafts skills not only alive but flourishing and in the public gaze.

These hugely respected heritage artists and cultural leaders from around the Pacific believe in sharing the love they have for arts and crafts through their own work and through exhibitions, workshops, and their school Pacific education programme.

Earlier this year they strung a giant ei or garland made of upcycled plastic around the Auckland Town Hall as a gift to the city.

Now they're taking over a West Auckland gallery space that they're renaming, and filling with art works, crafts and laughter.  It's called Moanaroa: Home of the Pacifica Mamas.

Lynn Freeman talks to  the curator of the Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Ioana Gordon-Smith, who says the Pacifica Mamas and Papas embrace both tradition and innovation.

2:38  Jeff Murray's new novel offers life after the Big Melt

It's 2048 and the dire predictions about climate change made decades earlier have come true.

In his novel Melt, Auckland writer Jeff Murray imagines New Zealand's response to a wave of migrants.  Would we still welcome ones from Pacific Islands when migrants from wealthy countries are a better strategic bet?

Jeff tells Lynn Freeman that Antarctica may also become a potential new home after substantial ice melt.

Melt is out on the Mary Egan Publishing label.

2:49  Looking at Christchurch's heritage buildings

Instead of concentrating on the buildings destroyed in and after the earthquakes in Christchurch's CBD, a new event is enticing people back to explore the heritage buildings that have survived.

A new organisation, Te Pūtahi,  is behind the Open Christchurch programme that invites the public of all ages to discover central city architecture and public spaces with free, one-off access to special buildings, and a range of themed walking tours.

The opening event sees the Cathedral Grammar Junior School open its doors next Sunday, so people can explore the architecture at their own pace and on their own terms.

Architectural historian and co-founder of Te Pūtahi, Dr Jessica Halliday tells Lynn Freeman they hope to encourage discussion around well-designed spaces and their impacts on peoples' lives.


3:06 Drama at 3 - Room to Move

Our Drama this week takes us deep in the heart of Southern Man country for a repeat of the whacky  comedy 'Room to Move' by Michael Metzger, adapted for radio Steve Danby.   It stars Kate Harcourt, Fiona Samuel, William Kircher and the late Michael Haigh.





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