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12:14 From Nashville to New Zealand

Image: Amanda Ratcliffe

Image: Amanda Ratcliffe Photo: Provided

Veteran Nashville based songwriter Marc Beeson has penned well over a hundred songs from almost 30 years in the business. Reba McEntire, Chicago, Garth Brooks and Lee Ann Rimes are among the artists who've recorded his songs. Now APRA, the Australasian Performing Rights Association has brought Marc to New Zealand to work with musicians here on their songs as part of the SongHubs Auckland programme - including Tami Nielson and Julia Deans - at Auckland's Roundhead Studios.





12:30 Walking into New Zealand's past

The latest technology meets some of Christchurch's earliest buildings with the release of a new app in time for upcoming New Zealand Archaeology Week. Heritage New Zealand has been working with the Christchurch Archaeology Project on a GIS walking app so people can find out more about the city's characterful early pubs. The app is part of a broader project aiming to get New Zealanders interested in the many archeological discoveries - and the stories behind them - happening around the country. Lynn Freeman spoke to Dr Rosemary Baird from Heritage New Zealand and JessIe Garland from archaeological consultancy Underground/Overground who's been an enthusiastic contributor to the new app, to find out more.


12:45 Photographing climate change

Documenting the reality and impact of climate change around the globe in his bleakly beautiful images, is the all consuming project of expat photographer Michael Hall. Given so many of his images are gut-wrenching, from mountains of rubbish and scorched Australian bush to glacial melt and stranded polar bears -  he's surprisingly optimistic about the future. Based in Sydney these days, Michael's coming home to Wellington this week to deliver the keynote address at the Photival festival  which organisers say is aimed at getting people thinking and talking about issues to do with photography.


1:10 At The Movies

Simon Morris reviews Rampage, A Wrinkle in Time and Sweet Country.


1:33 Pet portraits

Dunedin photographer and Caselberg Trust artist in residence Justin Spiers, has been snapping pets and their owners. As this goes to air, In the Broad Bay community Hall on the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin animal lovers and their pets are posing for photographs in a specially designed pet photo booth. Spiers has been taking these kinds of photos for the past 10 years, here and in Australia, capturing the unique relationship between pet and guardian. It's a project Justin developed with Yvonne Doherty and would like to tour around provincial New Zealand. He's held several  Pet Photo Booths in since taking up the residency a couple of months ago.


1:40 Discussion on the role of provincial art galleries

Privately run art galleries outside the main centres have an important role to play - for the artists who show there, for the people who love art, and for their communities. For this discussion about the role of provincial art galleries Lynn Freeman is joined by art collector turned gallery owner Scott Lawrie and art critic and writer Anthony Byrt, on the occasion of the finale to the upcoming Matakana Art Festival being held in the township's Vivian Gallery in the Rodney district of Auckland. Lawrie, who you might have seen on TV show Grand Designs a couple of years back took over the Vivian a few years ago from the three co-founders. Byrt is a big fan of regional art galleries. He wrote This Model World: Travels to the Edge of Contemporary Art and is currently writing a book about artist Billy Apple.


2:06 The Laugh Track - Jimmy McGhie

Jimmy McGhie is on his way for Auckland and Wellington gigs at New Zealand Comedy Festival with his show Tribal Gathering which premiered in Edinburgh last year to packed houses and rave reviews. With 10 solo shows under his belt, McGhie knows his stuff, as he shows talking to Lynn Freeman about his inspirations and some highlights in his career. They include seeing Flight of the Conchords at Edinburgh who with Bill Bailey and Daniel Kitson are among his selections for The Laugh Track. McGhie appears at The Classic Auckland April 28 to May 12 and Te Auaha Wellington May 15 to 19.


2:25 Leading new gallery opens in Wellington


It's not often in New Zealand an art dealer opens a second gallery space - and there have been a fair few failures in the past, but one of our leading contemporary gallerists Hopkinson Mossman wants to change all that. Last month Hopkinson Mossman opened a gallery in Wellington, with an exhibition programme that runs parallel with that in their Auckland gallery space. Their timing couldn't have been better -  it coincided with the New Zealand Festival, the opening of Toi Art at Te Papa and a survey exhibition of a high profile young artist they represent, Luke Willis Thompson at the Adam Art Gallery. Luke is one of many artists Hopkinson Mossman represents who are from New Zealand but now base themselves internationally, so the new gallery space gives them further opportunity to show their work back home. Standing Room Only's Mark Amery visited the new gallery this week and spoke to co-founder Danae Mossman to find out what goes into designing a gallery space and their current exhibition of paintings by Milli Jannides.


2:40 Stories from another angle

Image: Irene Young

Image: Irene Young Photo: Provided

Today we're looking at stories from another angle - talking to Grammy nominated storyteller American Diane Ferlatte who doesn't commit her stories to the page - it's all in the performance and from then on in people's memories. Language is no barrier - Diane, who lives in California, shares her stories with audiences around the world, in venues from theatres and schools, to churches and prisons. That world travel includes New Zealand, and she's heading back here to share her stories with visitors to  the Southland Arts Festival.






2:50 Learning lessons through comedy

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Photo: Provided

Dancer and Choreographer Jandel J a.k.a. Justin Haiu is bringing The Perfect Gift to the New Zealand Comedy Festival - a rare example of a show aimed at children in the festival programme.Three brothers with only 30 cents between them, transform into superheroes and fight dragons as they go in search for the perfect present for their mother. The Perfect Gift is a journey of the imagination but along the way the brothers come to learn some big lessons - about money not buying everything, about not leaving people you love behind, and about caring resilience and empathy.

The Perfect Gift has just been tested out on schools as part of The Healing Through Arts and Action initiative, encouraging children to express themselves through the performing arts.

Lynn Freeman chatted to Justin during a break in rehearsals. His CV includes stints in The Lion King, So You Think You Can Dance and the award winning Red Leap Company production The Arrival that was toured internationally. We started by talking about Justin's earliest dance memories.


3:06 Drama at 3

As we approach ANZAC Day, this week's first  drama 'The War Artist'  by Carl Nixon.draws on an incident in the No rth of France 100 years ago. The inspiration came about after Nixon saw the painting 'Burial Party  at Bellevue near Solesme' by George Butler, New Zealand's first official war artist.Then we continue our series on  the life of  the man who became the first Maori king, 157 years ago.'Te Wherowhero' has been adapted for radio from the book 'King POUR-ta-toe by Pei Te Hurinui and the story is told by Selwyn Muru.


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