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12:15   Youngest Filmaker to be accepted into NZ International Film Festival

Qianna Titore is making history as the youngest filmmaker to have her work accepted into the New Zealand International film festival programme. She was just 16 when she wrote and directed her short film NATALIE as part of Script to Screen's Hokianga Film Project writing workshops last year. Lynn speaks with Qianna and also the producer of NATALIE; Eloise Veber.


12:25   Sonia Sly's Just One Thing

Just One Thing is a podcast series about precious objects and the stories behind them.


12:40   2017 Art Teachers Conference

Lee Devenish

Lee Devenish Photo: supplied

The country's art teachers are about to swap notes on digital media new technology in a conference being held in Whanganui this week. But that doesn't mean there isn't still room for pen, paint and paper in the art curicculum. Joining the show is the President of the Art educators association Lee Devenish, and one of the keynote speakers at the conference, the outspoken Professor of Art & Design at AUT, Dr Welby Ings.



1:10 At The Movies

Simon Morris reviews three films about different aspects of popular culture – the American comic-book hero (Spiderman Homecoming) Russia's fixation on ballet (Polina) and France's fascination with clowns (Monsieur Chocolat).


1:33 Patricia Barker joins the RNZB

Headshot Patricia Barker credit Stephen A'Court.

Headshot Patricia Barker credit Stephen A'Court. Photo: Stephen A'Court

Patricia Barker is the latest overseas appointment to the top job at the Royal New Zealand Ballet company. Before moving into leadership roles she was a dancer for 27 years with roles in many of the great classical  ballets and contemporary works, as well as appearing on screen.In recent years Patricia headed both the Detrois based Grand Rapids Ballet Company, and its accompanying school.



1:50 Silent Movies

Nathan Avakian

Nathan Avakian Photo: supplied

It's almost a hundred years since a film called The Jazz Singer was released and changed everything; it was the first sound movie, and within a year the silent movie industry was dead. Which is why an upcoming event called The International Youth Silent Film Festival is rather surprising... Simon Morris talks to Megan Peacock Coyle, the New Zealand co-ordinator of the International Youth Silent Film Festival.

Entries close on the 1st of October, and the finals take place in Tauranaga in November.

Poster for Youth Silent Film Festival

Poster for Youth Silent Film Festival Photo: Supplied


2:06  The Laugh Track - Tim Batt

Tim Batt on Banter

Tim Batt on Banter Photo: supplied

Comedian turned presenter Tim Batt is at the helm of the newest talk show on television. Banter is on Duke and has been going for a few weeks so far. Tim's packed a lot into his working life since winning the best Newcomer Comedy Award in 2013 - on stage, screen and radio. His picks include Jen Kirkman, Michael Che, Norm MacDonald, Pete Holmes, and Ali Wong.


2:40   PANZ Book Design

We do judge books by their covers - so what's grabbing our attention these days? This year's PANZ book design awards are good way to find out what's hot, and what's not, in bookstores and libraries around the country. Anna Egan-Reid and Vincent Heeringa, are two of the three judges for this year's PANZ Book Design Awards.The winners are announced in Auckland on Thursday.


2:49  Tim Corballis - Our Future is in the Air

Tim Corballis

Tim Corballis Photo: supplied



Wellington author Tim Corballis imagines a very different 1975 to how we remember it in his new novel Our Future is in the Air. Glimpses into the future, events like 9/11, sees jet air travel and time travel banned. But many New Zealanders are feeling isolated and frustrated and protest movements are growing. It's still possible to travel a few decades into the future, but it's risky. Tim Corballis discusses his new novel with Lynn Freeman. Published by Victoria University Press.



2:55   Screen Gems - Irene Gardener

Screen Gems

Screen Gems Photo: supplied

With the election coming up, in a year of pretty surreal politics all round the world, Irene Gardener takes a look at screen gems devoted to politics.   


3:06 Drama at 3


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