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This week, Lynn Freeman is taken on a dig by archeologist Mary O'Keefe, and congratulates some of the winners of the Moas, New Zealand's Film Awards. On At The Movies, Simon Morris previews the upcoming French Film Festival - New Zealand's second-biggest cinema showcase, and Mapihi Kelland's new dance-work Whare explores the toll urbanisation's taken on Maori youth. We drop into Napier's Art Deco Festival, and - in a very festival-rich show - our guest on the Laugh Track is Auckland Fringe Festival Director Lydia Zanetti, while Irene Gardiner remembers some memorable award-show disasters!   And today's musical theme is movie soundtracks that won a Bafta - from Slumdog Millionaire to The King's Speech.






12:16 Archaeologist Mary O'Keefe looks for hidden treasure

Mary O'Keefe from Heritage Solutions is a treasure hunter - though in her case treasure might be an old poster or pieces of an old ceramic plate. Mary's an archeologist with the eternal optimism and boundless patience that are prerequisites for the job. Based in Wellington, she's worked on big projects like the Transmission Gully Expressway excavations and the Wellington Inner city bypass. Lynn Freeman met Mary at a much smaller scale site - where some old houses and shops had recently been demolished in the suburb of Newtown.


12:46 The New Zealand Film Awards

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople Photo: supplied

Lynn Freeman and Simon Morris talk to two of the winners of the New Zealand Film Awards - the Moas. Producer Carthew Neal is the producer of the all-conquering Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and veteran producer/director Gaylene Preston was the popular winner of the Services to Cinema Award.


1:10 At The Movies

This week, the Baftas and the French Film Festival - Simon Morris talks to festival Director Dorothée Basel.


1:35 Choreographer Mapihi Kelland's new work Whare

A young choreographer is comparing the differences between urban youth and rangatahi who have a more traditionally collaborative lifestyle. Mapihi Kelland's created the work Whare after talking to Cook Island Maori and New Zealand Maori youth about issues ranging from depression and domestic violence to homelessness. Whare premieres in Wellington as part of the Putahi Festival of new work. Mapihi tells Lynn Freeman it's a very personal project for her, as someone who grew up in rural New Zealand and struggled initially to adapt to life in cities. But in fact Whare started with the stories of other young people.


1:49 Artist Freeman White at Napier's Art Deco Festival

This weekend Napier is transported back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 30s - 86 years after the earthquake that leveled the city and lead to its rebuild in the deco style. That decision transformed Napier from a typical coastal town to a Mecca for Art Deco lovers - "the most modern city in the world". Lynn Freeman talks to one of the artists exhibiting during the annual Art Deco Festival, painter Freeman White. Freeman's exhibition, East Coast, is showing at Napier's SPA_CE Gallery.

2:06 The Laugh Track - Auckland Fringe Director Lydia Zanetti

Lydia Zanetti

Lydia Zanetti Photo: supplied

Director of the Auckland Fringe, Lydia's picks include Nish Kumar, Felicity Ward, Rose Matafeo and The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy


2:25 Pacific Arts Trust Internships

sonya elspeth withers and sarah maiava

Sonya Elspeth Withers and Sarah Maiava Photo: supplied

Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust is an organisation that champions arts in New Zealand's Pacific Island community. It runs an internship programme funded by Creative New Zealand that matches promising people with organisations in the field they want to pursue. Lynn Freeman talks to two of this year's intake - textile designer Sonya Elspeth Withers and captions producer Sarah Maiava.




2:40 The Little Cloud is finally published, 60 years on

An illustrated manuscript for a children's book lay forgotten for almost 6 decades. It's just been published by Makaro Press, with a couple of tweaks to update the text and a lot of work to disguise yellowed paper and watermarks on the original pages.

The Little Cloud was created in 1959 two Wellington kindergarten teachers Beverley Burch and Elspeth Nicol. It's a coming of age story, and a trip to parts of the country which have changed dramatically since the 50s. Lynn Freeman talks with Elspeth Nicol, and to Beverley Burch's daughter, Mary Longmire.


2:49 Screen Gems:  Award-show highlights and low points

Irene Gardiner remembers some memorable award-show moments - from the notorious Goftas and the great Miss New Zealand debacle, to Anna Paquin's breath-taking moment, receiving her Oscar for The Piano.



3:06 Drama at 3 - The Day Dad Stole A Bus by Pericles Silveira

Today we feature one of the winners of the International Radio Playwriting Competition, produced by the BBC World Service and The Open University.  Today's play won the English As A Second Language prize.



Music played in this show

Artist: MIA
Song: Paper planes
Album: Slumdog Millionaire
Label: Interscope
Played at: 12.16

Artist: B J Thomas
Song:  Raindrops are falling on my head
Composer: Bacharach-David
Album: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Label: A&M
Played at: 12.40

Artist: Theme
Song: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
Composer: Sakamoto
Album: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
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Artist:Backbeat Band
Song:  Long Tall Sally
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Artist: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
Song: City of Stars
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Artist:Ose Schuppel
Song: s'Rothe-Zauerli
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Artist: John Paul Young
Song: Love is in the air
Composer: Vanda-Young
Album: Strictly Ballroom
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Played at:  1.58

Artist: Theme
Song: Murder on the Orient Express
Composer: Bennett
Album: 100 Greatest Film Themes 2
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Artist: Alan Price
Song: O Lucky Man
Composer: Price
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Artist: Theme
Song: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
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Artist: Theme
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Artist: Adele
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