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12:16 Master carver Clive Fugill

The history of Māori carving tools is a rich one, ranging from the contemporary and the traditional back to the mythical. Clive Fugill is Master Carver at the NZ Māori Arts & Crafts Institute in Rotorua, where he learned his craft in the late 1960s. In his new book – Te Toki Me Te Whao: The Story and Use of Maori Tools – he examines the creation and evolution of implements like the toki (adze) and whao (chisel). Lynn Freeman asks Clive whether there are still questions to be answered about historic tools.

12.31 The New Zealand jazz scene

Author Norman Meehan

Pianist Mike Nock is one of the few New Zealand jazz musicians who can make a decent living from the music he loves. And yet the New Zealand jazz scene is full of dedicated, busy – if not well-paid – musos like Nathan Haines, Jeff Henderson and Doug Caldwell.

In his new book New Zealand Jazz Life, author and jazz composer Norman Meehan spoke to about 40 musicians about the state of jazz in contemporary New Zealand, whether there's a distinctive New Zealand jazz sound and what needs to happen if jazz is to have a bright future. Lynn Freeman asks him why New Zealand jazz is still, apparently, so male, and white.

12:47 New Zealand publishing and the unexpected return of the book

The advent of the digital e-book and on-line book-buying were once confidently given as proof that the publishing industry was as dead as...  well, as dead as the old-fashioned book itself. Not so. A new report commissioned by the New Zealand publishing industry shows there's been a big increase in sales of both e-books and actual books.

Melanie Laville-Moore

Melanie Laville-Moore Photo: supplied

In fact, e-books only account for seven percent of sales here. We still have an unaccountable love of print on paper in New Zealand. This year, authors and publishers contributed almost $400 million to the New Zealand economy.  Lynn Freeman asks Melanie Laville-Moore, President of the Publishers Association, what is behind the comeback in publishing?

1:10 At The Movies

This week, why so many belated sequels in 2016 (like Bad Santa 2) and so many long-running franchises (like Underworld)?

1:35 Textile queen Susan Holmes on 28 years of Wearable Arts

Susan Holmes is one of the most successful textile artists to compete in the World of Wearable Arts competition since it started in 1988. Even before WoW, she was winning awards in the old Benson and Hedges Fashion Design Awards. Susan keeps experimenting with fabrics and techniques – from spraying and potato stamping fabrics, to creating crinkle silk.

Author Cerys Dallaway-Davidson tells Susan's story in a new book, Susan Holmes Fabric Artist, that accompanies a retrospective of her designs at Objectspace in Auckland. Lynn Freeman talks to Carys and to Susan herself about nearly 30 years of amazing fabric creations.

1:50 Canadian Steven Loft and First Nations curators

Steven Loft

Steven Loft Photo: Martin Lipman

Curator, scholar, writer and media artist Steven Loft is a Mohawk of the Six Nations with Jewish heritage. Loft has held positions as Curator-In-Residence, Indigenous Art at the National Gallery of Canada.

He's in New Zealand for a symposium of 10 First Nations curators and to encourage interest in indigenous art. Lynn Freeman asks him about the state of First Nations art is in 2016.

2:06 The Laugh Track - Francesca Emms and Georgia Jamieson Emms

These are a few of my favourite sings

Georgia and Francesca Emms have turned their obsession with the music of Julie Andrews into a stage show, to be shown at Wellington's Bats Theatre.  It's called - of course! - A Few Of Our Favourite Sings.

Georgia and Francesca try to convince Simon Morris to embrace his inner Mary Poppins with their picks, which include Julie Andrews, Carol Burnett, The Simpsons, The Katering Show and The Book of Mormon.

2:25 Roald Dahl's 'George's Marvellous Medicine' becomes a stage play

2016 is the 100th anniversary of his birth and the late children's writer remains a phenomenon, with his dark, often surreal fairy stories scaring and delighting readers, young and old.

An Australian theatre company, shake & stir, has taken on the challenge of turning one of Dahl's odd tales, George's Marvellous Medicine, into a stage show

Lynn Freeman asks shake & stirs' co-artistic director Nick Skubij why Roald Dahl's work remains so popular.

2:40 Alexandra Tidswell's new novel inspired by some very old secrets

Alexandra Tidsell

From impoverished wife of a good-for-nothing charmer in Warwickshire, to respectable settler in New Zealand - Lewisville is the story of Martha Grimm, fictionalised by her several-times-great granddaughter, Alexandra Tidswell.

Martha's story already reads like pure fiction, it's so remarkable and so full of secrets and drama. Nelson-based Alexandra has had a long fascination with the story.  But, as she tells Lynn Freeman, it wasn't until she started researching her ancestor that she uncovered quite how much Martha had effectively re-invented herself.

2:53 The choreographer and the supermarket trolleys

Shaun Parker

Shaun Parker Photo: supplied

3:06 Drama at 3 - the final episodes of Tumanbay and When Famous People Come to Town

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