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The Stick Girl, Thar Desert, India, - Peace in 10000 Hands

The Stick Girl, Thar Desert, India, - Peace in 10000 Hands Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Page Blackie Gallery. Copyright Stuart Robertson.

12:40 New Waitangi Museum

The brand new Waitangi Museum is a major part of the $14 million redevelopment of the Treaty Grounds and has gathered together taonga from around the country and across the world. Kate Martin manages the curatorial and educational programmes for the Waitangi National Trust. Justin Gregory spoke to Kate the day before the opening and asked her about the pressure of being ready for Waitangi Day.

The new Waitangi museum with exterior art work by Carin Wilson

The new Waitangi museum with exterior art work by Carin Wilson Photo: RNZ / Lois Williams

12:50 Peace in 10,000 Hands

Despite having two grandfathers who had a deep interest in photography, and after high school being accepted into a photography course, for many decades Queenstown artist Stuart Robertson pursued other interests and career paths.

But Stuart told Standing Room Only's Shaun D Wilson that in the last few years he has put all his time, money, and passion into a huge photography project that is gaining him notice around the world: an attempt to capture 10,000 images of people with a single white rose.

Peace in 10,000 Hands is showing at Page Blackie Gallery in Wellington, and there is a book documenting the initial stages of the project called Peace In 10,000 Hands: The First Collection.

1:10 At The Movies

At The Movies returns, just as most of the Oscar hopefuls have hit our cinema screens.  Simon Morris looks at the eight Best Film nominations, and wonders why they're so white, so American and so "based on real life events"? Is the noble art of "making stuff up" dying in the one-time Dream Factory?

Musician and teacher Charlotte Yates

Musician and teacher Charlotte Yates Photo: Supplied

1:33 How do you write a song?

What are the elements of a good song?  For singer-songwriter Charlotte Yates it’s all about melody working with lyrics, and hope. She tells Justin Gregory about her plans to share song-writing tips in a workshop she's holding in Christchurch next month. For workshops information and bookings, contact Lisa Tui Jonathan at or on 027 2572857.


1:50 Puzzy: identity muddling

During Pride Festival a new play will put the lives of Pacific Island lesbians front and centre. Puzzy is the debut work by writer Kiki with guidance by old hand Victor Rodger of plays Black Faggot and My Name is Gary Cooper fame. Kiki identifies as a Hawaii-based, Samoan–Filipina lesbian. Justin Gregory asked Kiki if that felt a little bit complicated.

2:06 The Laugh Track – Alice May Connolly

Alice May Connolly and podcast co-host Eamonn Marra

Alice May Connolly and podcast co-host Eamonn Marra Photo: Supplied

Alice May Connolly is an actor and comedian. She has worked in multiple productions as part of ambitious theatre troupe The Bacchanals, as well as starring in her own shows Vampimple and Tut.

Alice is also the co-host with standup Eamonn Mara of What We Talk About: a podcast where contributors tell a live audience about their obsessions, and is directing Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross. Both shows are on at Bats Theatre during the NZ Fringe Festival.

For The Laugh Track Alice chooses some of her favourite comedy from Maria Bamford, Jonny Potts, Stewart Lee, tv series Funny Girls, and comic Abby Howells.

2:25 Leading literacy

University of Auckland student Adena Emanuel and Professor Janet Gaffney from the Faculty of Education and Social Work talk about their research showing how the development of young readers and writers here in New Zealand has set an example to the rest of the world.

Jan Gaffney and Adena Emanuel

Jan Gaffney and Adena Emanuel Photo: RNZ/Dru Faulkner

Dave Gilberd leading a workshop at Wellington High School

Dave Gilberd leading a workshop at Wellington High School Photo: RNZ/Sonia Sly

2:35 Making a Ukulele

It's easy enough to buy an instrument off the shelf, but how about making one yourself? Dave Gilberd of Goldbeard Guitars left behind a career as an aircraft engineer to pursue the art of guitar making. But sharing his knowledge is also a passion and he relishes the opportunity to teach people how to make their own Ukuleles. Sonia Sly heads along to a workshop held at Wellington High School to find out more.





Taking My Mother to the Opera book cover

Taking My Mother to the Opera book cover Photo: Supplied

2:45 Taking My Mother to the Opera

Poet Diane Brown has made good use of her private life in her writing over the years - much to her mothers' chagrin, who probably wouldn't appreciate her new book much, either. Taking My Mother to the Opera is a long, poetic memoir about her parents' lives and the secrets and mysteries all families keep.





3:06 Drama at 3

In the Drama at 3, is the final episode of Poutama, a series set in a tattoo parlour. A woman turns up at Poutama demanding a tattoo design that has NIWA dumbfounded.

It's also the final episode of political comedy The Buzz. Old school education minister Peter Costello is looking for good publicity during a visit to a charter school but a sharp-eared blogger soon turns those plans to custard.

But we're only up to episode 2 in Go Ahead Caller, a satirical take on talk back radio. This time there are calls from a psychic named Tui, and former PM Helen Clark.

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