13 Apr 2014

Spectrum for 13 April 2014 - Magic Memories

From Spectrum, 12:15 pm on 13 April 2014

John Ewing describes his time training and working as an animator at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in one word - magic. After twice serving with the US Navy, including a tour of duty in the Korean War, John decided to return to his first love of drawing and was accepted into the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angles. From there he was handpicked to join Disney and stayed for over a decade working on classics such as The Jungle Book and Sleeping Beauty. While he would have like to have stayed at Disney, chances to rise up the ranks were limited and so in 1967 John and his wife decided to move to New Zealand. Attracted by our fledging television industry, he turned his skills to classic commercials, creating recognisable animations such as Ches'n'Dale and the Marley Duck. Come and meet John Ewing with Spectrum, and find out what it was like for him to work for a time at one of the most magical places on earth.