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It’s a museum of dreams and memories. A bit tongue-in-cheek really, but its founder was inspired by a friend with Alzheimers.

The Jonesonian Institute Dementia copyright Isabel Sutherland small

Dementia, copyright  Isabel Sutherland

The tiny Jonesonian Institute …think Smithsonian Institution …is hidden away in Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges.

The Jonesonian Institute Preserved Memories copyright Isabel Sutherland small

Preserved Memories, copyright Isabel Sutherland

There, you’ll find bottling jars full of preserved memories, marbles (in case of loss), pliers (in memory of being pliable) and photo art depicting dementia, and nightmares of genetic engineering!

The Jonesonian Institute Isabel Sutherland artist photoT Chappell small

Isabel Sutherland, artist (photo T Chappell)

Before you can see any of this, visitors are welcomed by photographic artist Isabel Sutherland before she hands over to her mysterious alter-ego , Museum Curator “J.I. Sutherland”, described by one blogger as ‘one of the most talented, eccentric women on the planet!’

The Jonesonian Institute Genetic Nightmare copyright Isabel Sutherland small

Genetic Nightmare, copyright Isabel Sutherland

For Spectrum, David Steemson goes calling.