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Ko Tangata Whenua Matou - We Are The People

Aaron and T shirtsAaron Meuli designs T-shirts and hoodies. Aaron is inspired by the flora, fauna and landscape of his country, his land - Aotearoa. He does not identify himself as anything else but tangata whenua. Aaron is not Maori. His mother is Indian and his father European. Aaron is just one of the many different peoples in Aotearoa who believer in the One Consciousness that binds all Kiwis together irrespective of their origin.

In Ko Tangata Whenua Matou, Sapna Samant talks to T-shirt designer Aaron Meuli, his father Neil Meuli, his partner Belinda O'Connor who is half Maori and Aaron's mother Sumitra Babu, about their lives and what it means to be New Zealanders.