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8:08 Today in New Zealand History. Advances to Settlers Bill became law on 18 October 1895 4'17"

8:14 Artist: Jim McNaught

Song: Sea of Heartbreak
Composer: Gibson
Album: Meet Jim McNaught
Label: HMV MCLP 6185 2'34"

8:18 I Saw Them Fly

A1955 series in which Frederick Carpenter of Christchurch remembers his days with early aviators about the time of the First World War. This final episode is called 'The End of an Era." 13'15'

8:33 Artist: National Band of New Zealand 1965

Song: Gallop from William Tell Overture
Composer: Rossini
Album: The virtuoso Brass
Label: Kiwi SLC 47 2'41"

8:37 Jim Bolger - a new National Party leader in 1986

Colin Feslier of Insight talks to Jim Bolger about his plans as National Party leader. 12'37"

8:54 War Report 58

By now more than 1700 New Zealanders had lost their lives at Gallipoli and there were reports that there may be an evacuation of the Dardanelles. Sister Elizabeth Buchanan Young recalls the sinking of the Marquette on 23 October 1915 in which ten New Zealand army nurses lost their live. Sister Young trained as a nurse in New Plymouth, qualifying in 1913. She joined the New Zealand Army as a staff nurse in 1915 and travelled to Egypt. After the Marquette tragedy she served in Serbia and on the hospital ship Dunluce Castle. She was promoted to the rank of sister on 1 August 1916 and was brought to the notice of the British Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered in connection with the war in 1917. Sister Young returned to New Zealand in January 1919 but continued service with the New Zealand Army Nursing Service until 1920. For her war service she was awarded the Royal Red Cross 2nd class and the Serbian Samaritan Cross. Sister Young again served with the New Zealand Army Nursing Service from December 1925 until April 1934.


Artist: John McCormack
Song: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Arthur Fields
Song: You can't beat us
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: Geoentertainment 557331 1900s

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra
Song: I'll Put You Together Again
Composer: Black/Steven
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005 3'59"

9:08 As I Remember

The Tragic Drama at Great Grandfather's Wedding by Brian Bargh ('barge') of Wellington. 4'11"

9:13 Artist: National Band of New Zealand (1964)

Song: Stardust
Composer: Carmichael
Album: The Virtuoso Brass
Label: Kiwi SLC 47 4'49"

9:21 The Sinking of the Marquette 23 October 1915. Ten New Zealand nurses lost their lives

The sinking of the transport ship Marquette in the Aegean Sea in late 1915 added to the grief of a nation still reeling from the heavy losses at Gallipoli. Among the fatalities were 32 New Zealanders, including 10 nurses - making 23 October the deadliest day in the history of this country's military nursing.

The Marquette was built as a cargo ship in 1898 under another name and converted into a troop transport during the war. It was not, as some allege, a hospital ship. Instead, it was a grey-painted transport, and as such was fair game for the German submarine U-35. Of the 741 people crowded on board, 167 were lost, including 10 members of the New Zealand Army Nursing Service, 19 male Medical Corps staff (part of the New Zealand No. 1 Stationary Hospital) and three New Zealand soldiers.

Three survivors give separate accounts of the sinking and their rescue. 24'07"

9:46 Artist: Jim McNaught

Song: Three Steps to Heaven
Composer: Cochrane
Album: Meet Jim McNaught
Label: HMV MCLP 6185 2'33"

9:50 A 1956 Invercargill interview with Australian comedian George Walllace during a New Zealand tour

The interview covers his early career, child performer, radio work, gives his age as 59, early work in pantomime, television, troop shows, and forthcoming shows. He was one of the most famous and successful Australian comedians on stage and screen in the twentieth century. 8'48"

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra
Song: You Needed Me
Composer: Goodrum
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005 3'42'