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8:08 Today in New Zealand History. First European marriage, 11 October 1831. 4'11'

8:14 Artist: Bill and Boyd

Song: Put Another Log On The Fire
Composer: Hall
Album: Godzone Country
Label: Sony 2'22"

8:18 Wrestling on the Radio

From May 1953 part of the commentary on the match between Earl McCready and Edward "Bearcat" Wright. 5'03"

8:23 The Musical Friends

A 1948 programme from 1YA, Auckland. Performers are: Joyce Jenkins and Maurice Tansley, vocals; Ray Gunter, guitar; Bob Ewing, bass and John McKenzie, piano: Love Parade; San Antonio Rose; Lullaby of the Bells; I've Told Every Little Star; Medley. 15'55"

8:40 A New School Opens
Highfield School in Timaru opened in February 1962 and headmaster, Mr W N Pickard, describes the building and staffing. 1'51"

8:43 Ken "Don" Donaldson recalls his early days in radio in the 1930s and 1940s at 4ZB, Dunedin
Recorded in 1985. 9'55"

8:53 War Report 57

A letter from a wounded New Zealander serving with the Australian Forces and frustration in New Zealand about having no news of what was happening with providing graves for New Zealanders killed at Gallipoli. First reports of the Edith Cavell tragedy "Huns Execute Woman!!" Belgian-born Maria Hull of Motueka, who died in 1980 aged 91 and who was known as the "Angel of Antwerp" for her care of Allied soldiers recalls working with Edith Cavell. Nurse Cavell had assisted Allied men to get to neutral Holland.


Artist: John McCormack
Song: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: NBM Flying Squadron
Song: Boys of the Old Brigade
Composer: McQuigan
Label: n/s
Album: n/s

9:05 As I Remember: An Inside Story

Howard Wilson's memories of his boyhood at the Mercy Jenkins Salvation Army Boys' Home at Eltham during the 1940s. Read by Robb Webb. 8'26"

9:14 Music

Artist: Howard Morrison
Song: Don't Let it Get You
Composer: Flynn/Musaphia
Album: Don't Let it Get You
Label: HMV MCLP 6218 2'42"

9:17 Bookshelf:

New Zealand's Worst Disasters - True Stories That Rocked a Nation by Graham Hutchins and Russell Young. Published by Exilsle. ISBN 9781775 592037

Wellington Jews at Gallipoli by Janet Salek. Published by Wellington Jewish Community Centre, 80 Webb St, Te Aro, Wellington. ISBN 978 0 473 31975 5

Teddy Tells by Felicity Logan, 8 Kimbolton Rd, Feilding. ISBN 978 0 473 26291 4

Just to Let You Know I'm Still Alive - Postcards from New Zealanders during the First World War by Glenn Reddiex. Published by Grantham House. ISBN 978 1 86934 127 5

9:20 I Saw Them Fly (Part 5)
A 1955 programme in which Frederick Carpenter of Christchurch recalls his involvement in the early days of flying in Britain. This episode is called "Cody Flies Again". 10'30"

9:31 Music

Artist: Kiri Te Kanawa
Song: Una Voce Poco Fa
Composer: Rossini
Album: "Don't Let it Get You"
Label; HMV MCLP 6218 5'49"

From the soundtrack of the 1966 New Zealand film Don't Let it Get You.

"The big ALL FUN show for the whole family to enjoy!" was the tagline for this musical comedy classic. Sir Howard Morrison (as himself) and Rotorua are the stars in the tiki-flavoured tale. Moving from Sydney to a Rotorua music festival the plot centres on a romance between a young drummer (Gary Wallace) and his girl Judy (Carmen Duncan) and the hurdles they face to stay true. But this is only an excuse for a melange of madcap, pep-filled musical fun. Made by John O'Shea's Pacific Films, it features Kiri Te Kanawa, Lew Pryme and Aussie star Norman Rowe.

9:38 Power For the South. (Part Two)

1948 interviews on the topic of the South Island's power shortage and efforts to combat it via the Ministry of Works Waitaki hydro-electric power scheme, in particular the Tekapo dam and power station. Cooks identified only as Duncan and Johnny, are interviewed briefly and the work camps are described, with separate camps for single and married men. The district health nurse talks about her role, with the nearest doctor 30 miles away. An unidentified woman speaks about how the Tekapo community has grown since she arrived eight years ago. There was no running water or light then, but now the camp houses are much better. A Women's Institute has been set up and they send food parcels to Britain and to a child in Holland who they have adopted. Tradespeople visit the town once a month. Milk is brought up daily from Timaru and she says she would be happy to live there permanently.

The captain of the Tekapo rugby team talks about pastimes for residents, including skating in winter, duck shooting, and other sports. There are now 345 children in the town and a Christmas party has been organised for them.

Actuality of the playground at Tekapo School. The school's outlook is described and the children sing "God Defend New Zealand". Audrey and Max, two of the teachers compare teaching in Tekapo to town schools. They both enjoy life in Tekapo, the climate and the children. The children are bussed from the camps to school. A dental nurse visits every few months. Before the works started it was a small sole-charge school with only seven children.

The engineer in charge of the Tekapo project talks about how work was delayed by World War II and difficulties obtaining materials. When they couldn't get new steel plate they visited the wreck of the steamer "Port Bowen" at Whanganui and steel from it is now being used as one of the shields burrowing the intake tunnel through from the lake to the power station.

Construction began on the Tekapo power station in 1938 and should have been completed in 1943, but the construction process was stopped as man power was diverted to the war effort of World War II.

The lake was later raised to its current maximum level to provide a storage capability.

The power station was finally commissioned in 1951 and became the second power station in the now substantial Waitaki power scheme. 15'0"

9:53 Music

Artist: Jack Thompson (1964)
Song: If I Loved You (Carousel) and A Woman in Love (Guys and Dolls)
Composer: Rodgers and Loesser
Album: Songs from the Shows
Label: HMV MCLP 6164 5'14"