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8:08 Today in New Zealand History. July 26 1911 - The First Radio Telegraph office opened. 4'20"

8:13 Artist: Janice Lunn (Auckland)

Song: One Fine Day

Composer: Puccini

Album: Mobil Song Quest 1972

Label: Kiwi MS 72 4'05"

8:18 A 1950 Mackenzie Country Journey. An extract from "Canterbury Pilgrimage".

An interview with coach driver Charlie Elms who recounts the difficulties of journeying by coach during the harsh southern winters in the early 1900s. A detailed description of the Pioneer Memorial Church of St. David at Cave. 15'12"

8:35 Homework 1) Which town has an international airport but never had a railway?

2) Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team?

8:36 Artist: Phil Garland

Song: Mackenzie and His Dog

Composer: Charles/Garland

Album: Billycan Ballads

Label: Kiwi SLC 060 3'53"

Poem by Joe Charles who heard Mackenzie's story from William Ayson, an Otago pioneer

8:40 HMS New Zealand

A narrator gives a description and history of the HMS New Zealand, a gift from New Zealand to the Royal Navy. It was commissioned by Captain Lionel Halsey with three New Zealand officers from Christchurch. It sailed on a ten week tour of New Zealand in 1913 then returned to Britain prior to World War I. There is a description of its participation in North Sea Battles of Heligoland Bight, Dogger Bank and Jutland. HMS New Zealand was commanded by Captain John Green at the Battle of Jutland. Captain Green wore a piupiu and tiki given to the ship by a Maori chief in Rotorua in 1913 and worn previously by Captain Halsey. He was told they must always be worn by the captain in battle and the ship would suffer no casualties. The crew showed much faith in the Maori emblems. At the Battle of Jutland a sailor was seen to climb up to the bridge to check that the new captain was wearing them, and called down to reassure the crew "It's alright, he's got them on." In 1919 the ship was de-commissioned and sailed with Lord Jellicoe back to New Zealand where it was given a great welcome. 10'55"

8:52 War Report 46 26 July 2015

An extract from Cecil Malthus's book Anzac a Retrospect in which he recalls convalescing on the island of Lemnos.

Padre Henry Blamires describes losing weight while on Gallipoli and another veteran describes the lack of gambling on Gallipoli and the only way to get luxuries was to have them sent over from Lemnos but the tobacco supplied was useless.

A report from the Blenheim newspaper about the growing practice of sending white feathers to men who had not signed up and the condemnation by borough councillors of the sending of these tokens.

Artist: John McCormack

Song: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding

Composer: King/Elliott

Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2

Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Stanley Kirkby: Song: We Don't Want to Fight but By Jingo… Composer: McDermott/Hunt Album: n/s Label; n/s 6'19"

9:04 As I Remember - The Day We Killed the Pig by Allan Pike (91) of Parahaki, Whangarei. Read by Phil Smith. (09) 436 0750 6'14"

9:12 Artist: Sunny Morete

Song: A May Morning

Composer: L Denza

Album: Mobil Song Quest 1972

Label: Kiwi MS 72 2'24"

Sunny Morete has been in several recent productions at the Ellerslie Theatrical Society. "The Aspern Papers", "The Odd Couple", "Gigi" and " , "Doubt" for which she won the Auckland Community Theatre Trust award for Best Female in a Supporting Role.

9:16 Homework

1) Which town has an international airport but never had a railway?

2) Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team?

9:17 A Radio Home Design Programme.

Anne Stewart introduces an extract from a Taubmans-sponsored home decoration programme from the 1970s 5'09"

9:24 Artist: The National Maori Choir

Song: Hine e Hine

Composer: Te Rangi Pai

Album: I Stand Tall

Label: WEA

9:28 Consumer Time March 16 1947

A commentator notes that today is the third anniversary of meat rationing. He explains the need for meat rationing in New Zealand, to help send extra supplies to Britain. It is annoying to the housewife and the butcher but our inconvenience is in contrast to the very real hardship being suffered in Britain. He reads a letter a listener has sent in from a relative in Scotland, describing how much they value the food parcels New Zealanders are sending. Schools are now collecting food to send via the Red Cross to Britain, where they are distributed to schools in poorer districts. Ten schools in Wellington have already sent 22 packing cases. He goes on to talk about butter rationing and what to do if you want to change the retailer you are registered with. Discussion about what to do if you receive butter which is spoilt or in poor condition. 7'28"

9:37 Artist: Heather Marsh

Song: Summertime

Composer: Gershwin

Album: Mobil Song Quest 1972

Label: Kiwi MS 72 2'46"

9:41 Commercial radio in the mid-1950s.

An example of early radio continuity recently received by Sound Archives. The off-air recording consists of commercials and other general programming with shopping reporter Valerie and announcer Peter Dawson. Examples of continuity from this era are rare as there was generally no need for such material to be recorded. 6'24"

9:48 Artist: Phil Tilbury

Song: Taupo

Composer: Tilbury

Album: Back Blocks Folk Songs Volume One

Label: n/a

9:52 An Early Telephone Time

An extract from the first 2ZB Telephone Time broadcast on 24 October 1960 with hostess Doreen Kelso. (The programme had earlier been tested at 2XB Masterton with Jessica Weddell). No religion or politics but domestic problems in general were discussed. First call is from Mr Manning who wants to know how to separate two glasses stuck one inside the other. Listeners gave their full names and phone numbers on air . A spoken commercial for Fagg's coffee shops. 6'13"