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8:07 Today in New Zealand History. The opening of Lincoln College, 19 July 1881. 3'39"

Artist: Bridge City Jazzmen 3'00"

Song: Muskrat Ramble
Composer: Kid Ory
Album: Viscount Music Vaults
Label: Zodiac promobridge

8:16 Homework:

1) Which town has an international airport but never had a railway?
2) Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team?

8:18 A Mackenzie Country journey in 1950. Part one of a "Canterbury Pilgrimage" programme. 13'22'

A description of the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lake Tekapo and an interview with Walter "Happy" Black - a former stock inspector and Mackenzie Country pioneer. Black gives a first-hand account of the development of the Mackenzie Country during the late-1800s, and offers stern advice to Mackenzie Country farmers as to how they should manage their property. The history of Burke's Pass and the inscription on Burke's Monument is read.

8:32 Artist: Lee Smith and his Rangers 2'56"

Song: Your Cheating Heart
Composer: Hank Williams
Album: In a Country Mood
Label: Stebbing

8:36 Kimbell School. 7'51"

Interviews with the ex-pupils of Kimbell school near Fairlie on the 100th anniversary but the school had been closed for 40 years. 120 pupils attended the celebrations held in the 1970s. Bill Timmings talks to Phyllis Gordon, Simon Brooks, Jessie Dunne and Cuth Scott.

8:45 Artist: Ezio Pinza 2'57"

Song: Some Enchanted Evening
Composer: Rodgers/Hammerstein
Album: 1940s Vol 1
Label: n/s

8:50 War Report 45 19 July 2015

Memories of Marcus Riske who, when the first wounded came back from World War I, realised what war was. He describes the traumatic experience as a child of eight, going to a reception for returned men in the Wellington Town Hall when the crowd at first cheered loudly and then began weeping at the sight of their injuries. He recalls looking at casualty lists outside the newspaper offices. He says at the start of the war everyone was enthusiastic in smashing up businesses owned by those with German surnames, but then he says the mood changed and people didn't like the war.

Artist: John McCormack

Song: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309 6'18"

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra

Song: I'll Put You Together Again
Composer: Black/Steven
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005
DUR: 55'32"

9:05 As I Remember: Starfish Prime 2'16"

Some memories from 1962 by Michael Carter of Raglan. Read by Duncan Smith.

9:10 Artist: Leavenicus

Song: Turn Turn Turn
Composer: Seegar
Album: Mobil Song Quest 1972
Label: Kiwi MS 72 2'59"

9:13 Homework:

1) Which town has an international airport but never had a railway?
2) Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team?

9:15 War Time Broadcasts 9'55"

The sounds of Dunedin's streets to be included in a programme for the forces overseas and an extract from a Patriotic Fund appeal in which names of donors from Oamaru are read out by a 4YA announcer and Peter Dawson of 4ZB drums up support. (Many donations are for £1, worth about $90 in 2015).

9:25 Artist: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ron Goodwin 4'49"

Song: Milford Sound
Composer: Goodwin
Album: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Label: Naxos 8.557417

9:31 The Wonder Book of Knowledge 6'29"

An extract from a 1954 radio feature telling the story of the Pyramids.

9:38 Artist: Dinah Shore

Song: Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Composer: Fain/Hilliard
Album: 1940s Vol 1
Label: n/s 2'40"

9:42 Marcus Riske - An Educator's Story.

Extracts from a 1981 interview with Jack Shallcrass.

On ANZAC Day after the war, war hero and Wellington College Old Boy Bernard Freyberg came to speak to the school. He describes the reaction of the school when their hero began to cry during his address to the school assembly, telling them about the death of his brother and friends in the war.

He says he learnt to teach from the handful of incredible teachers he had.

He had to move to Palmerston North Boys' High School because his father moved again. His father wanted him to go into law but he decided to go teaching. He describes some of the teachers who influenced him as a student teacher. He says the important thing in teaching is to discover what a child is capable of and get them to do it really well, not to find what they can't do. You have to take each child as an individual.

He recalls Wellington Technical College as being the best school he taught at. He is critical of the system of examinations used now. He talks about his mentors at Wellington Teachers Training College: Fanny Irvine-Smith, May Joyce, William Horatio Gould, John Adams, and recalls lecturers at

Victoria University College: Tommy Hunter, Ivan Sutherland and Professor Tennant. He says he has nightmares still about children he taught but was not able to help.

He speaks at length of his time at Wellington Technical College. It was great because of the men who ran it; William La Trobe, John Howell and Randolph Ridling. He started teaching there in 1945, the first year it was compulsory to stay at school until the age of fifteen. He says he was given as many recalcitrant fourth formers as possible. He had to teach statistics and English. He retells the story of one of the naughtiest pupils he ever taught who eventually became a military officer. He says 'Wellington Tech' was regarded as anathema at the time because it was co-educational. He describes the impact of reading the classics to poor kids.

He says Randolph Ridling wrote a report to establish a Polytechnic in Wellington and quit teaching when it was turned down by the Education Department. He is scathing of Directors of Education, apart from two.

He got a Fulbright Scholarship to the University of Illinois to study mathematics education and wrote a report, but says it did a 'fat lot of good'. 12'55"

9:55 Early radio commercials including Ronson lighters, Roll-a-Door and Uhu glue. 1'30"

9:56 FILL: Song: My Love Composer: McCartney Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1 Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005

DUR: 58'00"