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8:06 Today in New Zealand History 3’36”

Sales Tax introduced 8 February 1932.        

8:12 Artist: Society Jazzmen (1972) 3’39”

Song: Battle Hymn of the Republic
Composer: n/s
Album: Vintage Trad
Label: Zodiac promovintage                        

8:17 Through the dark shadow: the story of the Otira Tunnel 20’04”

A 1950's dramatised story of the Arthurs Pass road and the Otira Tunnel construction projects. The programme was produced in Auckland for the Commonwealth Exchange Programme.                                    

8:37 Artist: Harry Lauder 2’57”

Song: Keep Right on to the End of the Road
Composer: Lauder
Album:  The First Knight of the Music Hall
Label: Acrobat                                  

8:40 Motor Torpedo Boat Experiences in World War Two 10’16”

A recording made on July 18 1944 in Manfredonia, southern Italy, by Sub-lieutenant J. Okeby who tells of his experiences while serving in the Adriatic sea area, where the navy was disrupting the coastal traffic that supplied the German army. Sometimes boarding parties jumped aboard and took over a ship complete with cargo. Sub-lieutenant Okeby tells the story of the ship that was the first to employ these tactics.                         

8:52 War Report Episode 22 6’48” 

From CAL Treadwell’s memories of New Zealand troops in Egypt and VD and the Wazzir incident. His description of reinforcements marching over the Rimutakas to Trentham. Jack Mullins recalls inter-platoon rugby.

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Murray Johnson  
Song: Pack of Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag
Composer:  George Asaf / Felix Powell
Album: Songs of World War One
Label: Goentertainment 557331

Artist: Morton Harvey
Song: I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World War One             
Label: Goentertainment 557331                     

8:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (Ken Avery soloist) 3’33”

Song:  She’s Out of My Life
Composer: Bahler
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005                        

9:07 As I Remember 3’04”

Wartime by Noel Vickridge of Hamilton read by Damon Taylor.                                                

9:11 Artist: Les Brown and his Orchestra with Doris Day 3’12"

Song: Sentimental Journey
Composer: Les Brown and Ben Homer
Album: 1940s Vol 1
Label: n/s                                     

9:15 Te Anau 18’25"

A 1953 feature about the history of Te Anau, narrated by Roy Woodward. An unidentified Maori woman tells a Waitaha legend about the Lake Te Anau. She talks of another legend among southern Maori about a glowing cave, which is now believed to be the then recently re-discovered glow-worm caves. Lawson Burrows and Wilson Campbell both speak about their re-discovery of the caves and how they made the caves accessible to visitors. The presenter describes the caves and Lawson Burrows explains how they ran electrical lines to the caves.                 

9:34 Artist: Sonny James 2’34”  

Song: Young Love
Composer: Cartey
Album: Original Hits 1956
Label: n/s                                      

9:37 Book of the Week 16’32”

A Bloody Road Home by Chris Pugsley, Penguin ISBN 978 014357 1896. Military historian Chris Pugsley discusses his history of the New Zealand Division in the Second World War including the performance of its leaders and the qualities found in the ranks.                                    

9:55 Artist: 5th Infantry Brigade Band 3’58”

Song: Maori Battalion Marching Songg
Composer: Amohau
Album: Ake! Ake! Kia Kaha E!
Label: Atoll  ACD 206                      

9:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (soloist Colin Hemmingson) 2’45”

Song: Don’t Give Up On Us Baby
Composer: MacCauley
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005