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8:08 Today In New Zealand History 3’36”

Charles Darwin in New Zealand, 21 December 1835.                                       

8:13 Artist: Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral Auckland (1964) 1’22"

Song: Whence Comes this Rush of Wings Afar?
Composer: Dorothy Freed
Album: 6 Carols for Christmas    
Label: Kiwi EC 28

8:15 Life during the Depression in Otago 8’32”

Len and Doris Jackson recall rabbiting and family life in Central Otago during the Depression of the 1930s. Recorded in 1975.                      

8:24 Artist: Fred Dagg (1975)

Song: We Three Kings
Composer: Trad
Album: 45    
Label: EMI promo 1                               

8:25 Artist: Mornington Methodist Choir (Dunedin) 1970s 2’05”

Song: The Holly and the Ivy
Composer: Britten
Album: 45    
Label: Carob PR 614                                

8:28 150 years of Hokitika 18’09”

Hokitika is marking 150 years this week. Tonight, a couple of Hokitika stories. From a 1940 series “Our First Hundred Years” the tale of the auction of the only cat in Hokitika during the rat-plagued gold rush days and the story of Otago’s legendary goldfields postman, John Graham, and his scheme, backed by Judge John Bathgate, to export 100 cats from Dunedin to Hokitika.

In a 1971 interview Dan Greaney describes two old gold towns near Hokitika before World War One and recalls his days in the Hokitika telegraph office in the 1920s. He remembers Taylor and Carrington's moving pictures in Hokitika in 1908. 

8:47 Artist: Putiki Youth Choir conducted by Kingi Ihaka (1964) 2’43” 

Song: Po Marie (Silent Night)
Album: 45    
Label: HMV HR 89   

8:51 War Report Episode 21 6’52”

Peter Buck tells of joining the Maori contingent as medical officer and Doctor Agnes Bennett describes the pleasant journey for the nurses from New Zealand to the war zone. Reports from NZ Truth of canteens ripping off the troops and from the Ashburton Guardian of a decline in Christmas holiday rail traffic.

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: The Peerless Quartet
Song: I May Be Gone For a Long Long Time
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World One
Label: Geoentertainment 557331 1900s                     
8:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (Ken Avery soloist) 3’33”

Song: She’s Out of My Life
Composer: Bahler
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005                      

9:07 As I Remember 2’39”

My Favourite Toys by Colin Kemplen of Matamata, read by Damon Taylor                               

9:10 Homework – Toy Story essay winners:

                Helen Josephine O’Neill of Christchurch (Eva My Doll)
                Adrienne Dench of Napier (Dad’s Dolls’ House)
                Julie Cunningham of Auckland (Teddy Bear Gets a Haircut)

Prize: Hello Girls and Boys! A New Zealand toy story by David Veart.
Auckland University Press ISBN 9781869408213    

9:13 The last use of morse telegraph by the Post Office in New Zealand 10’54"

Coverage of a special function at Westport during the centennial of the Westport Post Office with messages from Karamea, on the West Coast, to Turangi and Tokaanu. E S Doak deputy assistant director general of the Post Office speaks about morse history and W Davey Westport postmaster speaks of the work of the telegraph branch.    Introduced by Bill Toft. Recorded October 18, 1963.         

9:26 Artist: Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral Auckland 1’36”

Song: I Sing of a Maiden
Composer: David Farquhar
Album: 6 Carols for Christmas
Label: Kiwi EC 28                              

David Farquhar from Music Department at Victoria University – composer of Ring Around the Moon

9:28 We Found a Story – a 1946 programme 10’58”

Musick Point and air communications. Broadcaster Dudley Wrathall visits Musick Point radio station, Auckland. Mr L G Skull explains the radio equipment and different functions. In one bay emergency calls are received from residents of islands in the Hauraki Gulf and relayed. The mercantile marine channel receives calls from ships at sea and another communicates with ships and aircraft needing navigation bearings. A fourth bay handles air to ground communications while a fifth links stations in Rose Bay, Sydney with radio stations in Fiji. The final bays pass messages from Pacific Islands and ocean-flying aircraft. In the teleprinter room on the second floor teletype machines are heard while Mr Scull explains how they work and where they are connected -such as Mechanics Bay, the Pan-American Airlines office and the Meteorological Office, which relays weather information that might be needed by ships and aircraft.

On the third floor the transmitter is located. Musick Point is the headland of the peninsula that forms the eastern shore of the Tamaki River in Bucklands Beach, a suburb of Auckland. In 1942 it was named after Ed Musick, a famous American aviator, who visited New Zealand n 1937, although the headland is also known as Te Waiarohia, after an ancient Māori stronghold. Today it is occupied by a golf club and the Musick Memorial Radio Station run by the Musick Point Radio Group.                                    

9:04 Artist: Choir of St Mary’s Cathedral Auckland 3’19”

Song: Cradle Song of the Virgin
Composer: Joseph Papesch
Album: 6 Carols for Christmas
Label: Kiwi EC 28                              

9:44 The First Christian Service 11’37”

The First Christian Service 200 in New Zealand was held 100 years ago on Christmas Day 1814. Reverend Robert Marsden is interviewed about his famous forebear prior to the 150th anniversary service in the Bay of Islands. An unidentified announcer describes the scene at Oihi, Bay of Islands on December 25th, 1964, where a large crowd gathered to mark the 150th anniversary of Samuel Marsden's first Christian service in New Zealand. A sermon is given by his great-great-grandson, the Reverend Robert E. Marsden and an excerpt of the psalm 'All Ye that on Earth do dwell" is sung. There is another brief interview with Reverend Robert Marsden at the end of the recording. Leo Fowler describes scene at Oihi Bay.                    

9:55 Artist: The Huntley Boys’ Choir from Huntley Preparatory School, Marton 3’21”

Song: The Little Drummer Boy
Composer: Simeone-Onorati
Album: The Huntley Boys’ Choir (conducted by Rolf Just)
Label:    Process PR 143 (recorded early 1960s)            

9:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (soloist Colin Hemmingson) 2’45”

Song: Don’t Give Up On Us Baby
Composer: MacCauley
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005