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8:10 Today In New Zealand History 4’33”

Foundation of the Arbitration System, 31 August 1894

8:18 Song: Rock Around the Clock 2’08”

Artist:  Johnny Cooper with Ken Avery and his Rockin’ Rhythm
Composer: Freedman
Album: 78
Label: HMV HR 62                                

8:21 Homework

1. Approximately how many men volunteered to join the army during the first week of World War One?
2. Name the mystery voice
3. The hard one - which Labour prime minister worked on a North Otago newspaper?

8:22 A Golden Shade of Brown - Part 1 13’48”

Lorraine Rishworth presents a 1969 documentary about the increase in Maori-Pakeha intermarriage. She speaks with people from both races and discusses the increase in Maori-Pakeha marriages and the issues faced by children of mixed marriages. Speakers (covering parts one and two) include: John Corkhill - principal of Whangarei Primary School, talks about the increasing number of children with Maori ancestry at the school. He observes that teachers are increasingly not seeing their students as either Maori or Pakeha, which he feels is positive. Hemi Poua, the district Maori welfare officer, talks about intermarriage. He says most of the young Maori men who have moved to the South Island as apprentices, have ended up marrying European girls.

Reverend Rogers, an Anglican priest in Northland, gives his views of officiating at mixed marriages. Te Waimairangi Bradley, a Maori woman married to a pakeha man speaks of her experiences. Graham Latimer of the Tai Tokerau Tribal Council, gives his opinions about whether Maori will continue as a separate race.

Ralph Noyes, a probation officer. Broadcaster Henare Te Ua, who is married to a European talks about his marriage. Rangi Waiwera, a young Maori executive from Coromandel and Phillip Morris, a retail assistant, give their views.

8:36 Song: Home Sweet Home 3’25”

Artist: Ana Hato
Composer: n/s
Album: NZBS programme from 1959
Label: n/a    

8:40 As I Remember

Archive – The Country Store by Ian McLaren read by Rob Webb (2005)

8:43 Song: Medley (unidentified) 7’39”   

Artist: Jack Thompson (piano) (Part 3)
Composer: various
Album: NZBS programme from 1950, announcer Dudley Wrathall
Label: n/a                   

8:51 As I Remember

Archive – My Father was a Blacksmith by William Moore read by Gavin McGinley.

8:53 War Report Episode 5 6’40”                          
Leonard Leary describes attitudes of locals in German Samoa. Sidney Jones describes living conditions for troops.  H S Hyde describes the radio station. The story of New Zealand’s second war casualty 19-year-old Gunner Ludolph West of Palmerston North on 25 August 1914 who died of pneumonia at the Awapuni racecourse camp. Extracts from contemporary newspapers

Music extracts from:

Artist: Robert Howe
Song: Soldiers of the King
Composer: Leslie Stuart
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Arthur Boyton
Song: Are We Down Hearted?
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: CD Geoentertainment 41 486286

Artist: Kokatahi Band
Song: Mountains of Mourne
Composer: n/s
Album: Kokatahi Band
Label: Kiwi Cd SLC 274

9:06 As I Remember

The Music of our Country by Lynette Elphick of Greymouth, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:10 Song: Tama Ngakau marie 7'22” 

Artist: Maori Battalion   
Composer: n/s
Album: Ake Ake Kia Kaha E
Label:  Atoll ACD 206A        

9:14 Homework

1. Approximately how many men volunteered to join the army during the first week of World War One?
2. Name the mystery voice
3. The hard one - which Labour prime minister worked on a North Otago newspaper?

9:15 A look at Richard Seddon 12’04”

A biography of the great Liberal prime minister Richard Seddon by Tom Brooking is being launched at Hokitika on 13 September and local historian David Verrall tells us more. Among the events, a recording of what Seddon sounded like will be played. In fact, Seddon’s voice was an important part of his political image but, as Tom Brooking explains, his Lancashire accent was initially a drawback.  

9:28 Song: Beautiful Brown Eyes 2’24”

Artist: The Duplicats with Johnny Thomson Trio
Composer: Wynne
Album: 78
Label: Stebbing S149                            

9:32 Politics and Prime Minister Muldoon 7’56”

In the middle of an election campaign it would seem that the whole world revolves around which party did what, or denied doing it, or got into hot water for not knowing it had done it, but years later it all seems to fade away into relative insignificance. Let’s take an example – in 1980 there was a headline-grabbing story about a challenge to Prime Minister Muldoon’s leadership. The challenge did not succeed but in these extracts from 34 years ago we are reminded of Mr Muldoon’s firm handling of the media and perhaps of the ephemeral nature of much political activity.  

9:42 Bookshelf

Berry Boys – Portraits of First World War Soldiers and Families by Michael Fitzgerald and Claire Regnault, Te Papa Press ISBN 978 0 9941041 2 0

9:44 Song: Song of India 3’04”

Artist: The Stavemasters
Composer: Rimsky Korsakoff
Album: 78
Label: HMV HR 51                     

9:48 Forest and Bird Protection Society in 1958 9’04”

A 1958 interview in which Peter Latham talks to the president of the Forest and Bird Protection Society, Roy Nelson, who includes his rendition of the bird calls. The tui call used as an interval signal by the Radio New Zealand shortwave service in the 1950s is included and Jim Sullivan ponders on the signal used by Radio Nederland during his time with that broadcaster.