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8:09 Today In New Zealand History 4’36”

Foundation of Hamilton, 24 August 1864

8:16 Song: Roll on Waikato 2’37”

Artist: Ken Lemon
Composer: Harry McRae
Album: 45 Roll on Waikato
Label; Festival K 9738                             

The “Waipa Delta” later operated in Auckland but is now high and dry on a property just outside Taupo our Waikato reporter Andrew McRae tells me.

8:19 Homework

1. Approximately how many men volunteered to join the army during the first week of World War One?
2. Name the mystery voice
3. The hard one - which Labour prime minister worked on a North Otago newspaper?

8:21 Song: Medley (unidentified) 5’54”   

Artist: Jack Thompson (piano) (Part 2)
Composer: various
Album: NZBS programme 
Label: n/a                                                   

8:28 Sport on Radio over 70 years ago 10’28"

Items from the 1930s, introduced by George Edwards and Wally Ingram.
1937: Rugby: South Africa vs New Zealand – First Test at Wellington. Summary at half time.
1938: Athletics: Pat Boot won the 880 yards at the Empire Games, Sydney,and talks about the race.
1939: Rugby: Summary of events and the impact of the outbreak of war on rugby.
1940: Wrestling: British Empire heavyweight title, Earl McCready vs John Katan in the  Wellington Town Hall. Excerpt of commentary from the bout.
And a bonus – the famous 1935 commentary on the New Zealand Trotting Cup at Christchurch during which the commentator is obliged to tell those in the stand “sit down in front, please, I can’t see a thing!”            

8:41 Song: Cardigan Bay  2’28”

Artist: Danny McGirr
Composer: Dusty Spittle
Album: Kiwi Sing-a-long
Label: Master MALPS 312                             

8:44 J J Marlow recalls some of the highlights of his career. Part 2 6’51"

J J Marlow was one of the best known local body politicians and mayor of St Kilda. He recalls some of the highlights of his career in an interview with Peter Dawson.                                                

8:53 War Report Episode 4 6’41”

Ena Ryan, then a schoolgirl, recalls the rush to join up in time. Sidney Jones on embarking for Samoa and calling at Noumea. Leonard Leary describes going to Samoa and fraternising with the locals. Tom Seddon recalls secrecy of the mission. The story of New Zealand’s first war casualty, 21-year-old Sapper Robert Hislop of Darfield, near Christchurch, who died on 19 August 1914 six days after falling off the Parnell rail bridge in Auckland which he was guarding. Extracts from contemporary newspapers.

Music extracts from:

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Henry Burr
Song: I Wonder who’s Kissing her Now
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: CD Geoentertainment 41 486286

9:06 As I Remember 2’10”

By Train from Hamilton to Putaruru in about 1941 by Sister Patricia Hudner of Auckland, read by Sandy Powell.  

9:11 Song: The Wakamarina 2’50”

Artist: The Sundowners with Jim Delahunty
Composer: Thatcher
Album: Shanties by the Way
Label: Little Mermaid                             

Charles Thatcher’s song about the rich Wakamarina goldfield.

In August 1863, the Marlborough Provincial Council offered bonuses for the discovery of gold and coal in the financially struggling province. In April 1864, John Wilson, Joshua and George Rutland and Hirram Harris, found an encouraging amount of gold at Wilson's Beach beside the Wakamarina River. Wilson and his party successfully claimed the bonus and are reported to have found 54oz (worth £210) in their first few days of prospecting. Thousands soon flocked to the area from Nelson, the Wairau and goldfields further afield.

9:14 Homework

1. Approximately how many men volunteered to join the army during the first week of World War One?
2. Name the mystery voice
3. The hard one - which Labour prime minister worked on a North Otago newspaper?

9:15 Song: Drunken Sailor 2’12”

Artist: National Youth Choir (1992) (conducted by Karen Grylls)
Composer: Traditional
Album: Te Roopu Rangatahi
Label: Manu 1412                            

9:18 The National Youth Choir 1979 3’23”

The National Youth Choir gave its first concert on 24 August 1979. Philip Liner talks to the director Guy Jansen a few days before the auditions for the choir began.
9:22 Song: Now is the Hour 2’23”

Artist: National Youth Choir (1992) (conducted by Karen Grylls)
Composer: Arr: John Wells
Album: Te Roopu Rangatahi
Label: Manu 1412                       

9:25 Jack Shallcrass, well-known educationist died during the week. 10’44”

In this 1982 interview he talks about his life and work, mainly in the education field.      

9:41 Song: Hinemoa 1’32”

Artist: Ngati Poneke
Composer: n/s
Album: n/a Sound Archives
Label: n/a
Introduced by Bill Kerekere                          

On 26 February 1968, Ngati Poneke presented a cultural performance in Lower Hutt's Waiwhetu Wharenui for members of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Conference meeting in Wellington. The producer and narrator was Wiremu Kerekere. About 150 guests attended. Order of performances:

1: Wiremu Kerekere introduces and tells the story of "Hinemoa and Tutanekai".
2: Hinemoa

9:43 New Zealand’s first “film drama” was made a hundred years ago in August 1914. 11’28”

Film maker, George Tarr, talks about his film and Sarah Rogers (Hera Tawhai Rogers) talks about her role as Hinemoa. Recorded in July, 1962.              

9:56 The Apple Song by the children of Lyall Bay School.

9:57 Bookshelf

No Better Death – the Great war Diaries of William G Malone. Edited by John Crawford, Exisle ISBN 9871775591283