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8:08 Today in New Zealand History 4’18”

Dicky Barrett, Wellington pioneer, died 23 February 1847. 

8:14 Song: The Last of the Old Timers 25’03”

Artist: Martin Curtis
Composer: Curtis
Album: Blow the High Country Gin and Raspberry GRCD 023

Memories of Cheviot old timers recorded in 1950 and a 1984 report on the Foxy Frenchmen show being staged in the town. Anglican vicar David Hastings voices disquiet. 

8:39 Song: All Through The Night 2’24”

Artist: National Male Choir of New Zealand
Composer: Trad
Album: National Male Choir of New Zealand        

8:44 Bob Harvey recalls his service on HMZ/HMNZS Achilles 13’00”

At the battle of the River Plate in 1939. First broadcast in 1999. 

8:58 Song: I’ll Put You Together Again

Artist: Radio NZ Orchestra
Composer: N/S
Album: Orchestral Gold LTV 13

9:07 As I Remember 4’54”

Rangi Phillips, now 102, recalls her wartime nursing experiences in an interview recorded in 2002. The last months of the war in Egypt and the journey to South Africa with her husband Trevor.

9:14 Song: Summertime

Artist: Heather Marsh
Composer: Gershwin
Album: 1972 Mobil Song Quest

9:19 Lindsay Yeo broadcasts from “the stormwater system” in Nelson in 1971

9:30 Song: Carnival Overture 9’00”

Artist: National Orchestra (1947)
Composer: Dvorjak
Album: Sound Archives                 

9:40 Footprints of History - Nelson’s landmarks including Church Hill 4’50”

9:50 Book of the Week: Meet You at the Church Steps 13’13”

By Karen Stade, ISBN978 0 473 25410 0

9:56 Song: Granada 3’33”

Artist: Howard Morrison
Composer: Lara
Album: This is My Life     

9:59 Song: It Might Be You

Artist: Radio NZ Orchestra
Composer: N/S
Album: Orchestral Gold