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8:09 Today in New Zealand History 4’28”

The murder of Carl Volkner, 2 March 1865 

8:16 Song: Pedro the Fisherman 13’58”   

Artist: Les Andrews
Composer: N/S
Album: Gold and Silver
Label: N/S

Song: Crack Go the Clip Ons

Artist: Les Andrews
Composer: Trad/Andrews
Album: Les Andrews
Label: Cassette  Ode Sodet 333                                

Les Andrews, who died at the age of 96 on Friday, visits the lions’ cage at a circus in Auckland in 1960.                      

8:32 New Zealand – A Sound Picture 27’08”

A “portrait” of New Zealand supplied to overseas broadcasting organisations by the NZBC Overseas Service in the late 1960s.

9:07 As I Remember 5’33”

Sunday School by Cliff Couch of Paraparaumu.

Song: Unnamed hymn

Artist: Presbyterian Bible Class Conference
Composer: n/s
Album: Bible Class Conference Gore 1963
Label: Lomas OR1                             

9:18 Description of the Canterbury Centennial Parade at Hagley Park Christchurch in 1950. 3’07”

Commentary by Ken Green (later Chief Announcer for the NZBC).  

9:23 London Calling New Zealand 6’18”

A wartime programme in which poet Denis Glover describes his experiences in the navy. BBC newsreader Charlotte Green breaks up during a bulletin and Spike Milligan tries unsuccessfully to break up Radio New Zealand newsreader Hewitt Humphrey.                      

9:30 Bookshelf: Eastbourne – an anthology

Editor:  Mary McCallum, Anne Manchester and Maggie Rainey-Smith. Makaro Press  ISBN 978 0473 265670

9:32 Song: The Highland Fling 2’17”

Artist: Pipe Major James Patterson (1963)
Composer: N/S
Album: 45 rpm
Label: Tanza ZF316                               

9:35 The Scottish influences 23’35”

Sean Brosnahan of the Otago Settlers Museum Toitu talks about an exhibition exploring the Scottish influences in New Zealand society

Book of the Week: Unpacking The Kists – The Scots in New Zealand

By Tom Brooking, Jim McAloon and Brad Patterson. Otago University Press ISBN 978 1 877578. Tom Brooking discusses the book.