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8:11 Today in New Zealand History – Bishop Selwyn Leaves New Zealand October 20 1868

8:19 Song: The Digger’s Farewell

Artist: Phil Garland, album: Hunger in the Air

8:22 Homework

8:25 Memories of working with violinist Yehudi Menuhin, from Ralph Aldrich a New Zealander teaching at the University of Ontario in 1970

8:30 Song: Just One of Those Things

Artist: Yehudi Menuhin and Stephane Grapelli

8:36 An extract from a school holiday programme from the 1960s with host Gavin Yates

8:44 A poem about windy Wellington recited by William Yates and recorded at a troop concert during the Second World War

8:45 New Zealand troops in the Pacific were preparing to land at Mono Island 70 years ago

They landed on 27th October 1943 - the first opposed landing by Kiwis since Gallipoli. A month later, in November 1943, three of the men involved recorded their impressions of the action for the NZBS Mobile Unit: Major Gordon White Logan of Christchurch who was with the 34th Battalion; Lance Sergeant M.E. Griffiths of the 38th Forward Regiment and Lieutenant Colonel K.B. McKenzie-Muirson, Commanding Officer of the 36th Battalion.

9:10 As I Remember

The Annual Trip to Auckland by Bruce Turner

9:14 Song: A Star Fell From Heaven

Artist: Quintikis Showband

9:18 Homework

9:22 Jeanette Richardson, director of the Army Museum at Waiouru talks to Robb Webb about the museum’s programmes

9:28 Song: You Always Hurt The One You Love

Artist: Spike Jones

9:32 Nurse Isobel Haresnape gives an account of the influenza epidemic in Auckland in 1918, recorded in 1968.

9:42 Song: Rondeau from Suite No 2

Artist: Sally Tibbles (Flute) and orchestra of Auckland Choral Society. Composer: Bach

9:45 Book of the Week

R A Lawson, Victorian Architect of Dunedin by Norman Ledgerwood
Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust
ISBN 9780473244033