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8:11 Today in New Zealand History: German sea raider Von Luckner captured - 25 September 1917

8:16 James Warnock recalls his time as a guard at the camps holding German sea raider Captain Von Luckner during the First World War

8:24 Song: There's A Long Long Trail A Winding

Artist: John McCormick (1917)
Composer: Elliot
Album Oh It's a Lovely War
Label: CD41 486309 1900s 3'08"

8:29 Homework

8:32 Actor and producer Fergus Dick recalls his time with Downstage Theatre, Wellington

Downstage Theatre was founded in 1964 and closed this weekend. (Recorded 1994)

8:49 A tribute programme to Mrs Jessie Ann Petrie of Invercargill on her 100th birthday

Hosted by an unidentified woman broadcaster who interviews Mrs Petrie. She recites a poem composed by an immigrant on the ship which brought her family to New Zealand. Her youngest son, Frank Petrie, also speaks and pays tribute to his mother. The bells of First Church in Invercargill are heard. Recorded on 10 October 1956.

9:00 News

9:08 As I Remember Encore - The Debutant Ball, by Betty Potts

Read by Alison Lloyd Davies. (First broadcast in 2007)

9:11 Song: Til I Waltz Again with You

Artist: Shirley Tilton
Composer: n/s
Album Love on the Wireless
Label: Stebbing Zodiac 002 3'25"
Letter Mooney

9:20 Homework

9:25 Wendy Brown, former PR person for Weight Watchers, gave up corporate high-flying to be an adventure tour leader

She talks to Neville Glasgow about her childhood and beliefs in a 1993 Directions programme.

9:39 Song: Cigarettes and Whisky and Wild Wild Women

Artist: Red Ingle and the Natural Seven
Composer: Spencer/Stirling
Album n/s
Label: n/s

9:41 Joseph O'Brien (born 1886) of Huntly describes his early life on the West Coast

Includes the remarkable story of his father's bullock team being towed out to sea by a whale. (Recorded 1947)

9:44 Book of the Week: Exploring the Otago Peninsula, by Paul Sorrell and Graham Warman

Paul Sorrell examines the history of Otago Peninsula.
Published by Penguin (ISBN 9780143568537)