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8:11 Today in New Zealand History: William Sefton Moorhouse died - 15 September 1881

8:17 Homework

8:20 Song: The Guns of Navarone

Artist: Joe Reisman Orchestra
Composer: n/s
Album n/s
Label: Pye (1961)

8:23 Memories of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic

Including DC Lowe, assistant medical officer on the troop ship Tahiti.

8:37 Song: The Muster

Artist: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Composer: Oswald Cheesman
Album Wayleggo
Label: Kiwi SLC 74

8:43 Otago Farmers reminisce about life on the land circa 1900

Part Two.

9:00 News

9:10 As I Remember - The Reluctant Dancers

Written by Hugh Barr of Hamilton and read by Damon Taylor.

9:16 Homework

9:20 Song: The Jaycee Song

Artist: The Karori Korus with Marjorie Orchiston (piano) Lester Castle and Bob Reid
Composer: n/s
Album n/s
Label: Private recording Island Bay Radio Service (A C Dunnage)

9:25 Election campaigns - the way they were

An example of a lively public election meeting in Onehunga from the 1951 general election, called by the National government to test public reaction to its handling of the waterfront dispute. Labour MP Arthur Osborne addresses a lively audience.

9:38 Song: A Long Time Ago

Artist: Phil Garland
Composer: n/s
Album Hunger in the Air
Label: Kiwi SLC 273 1'38"

9:41: Book of the Week: The Long Road to Changi, by Peter Ewer

Published by ABC Books
(ISBN 9780733331107)