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8:08 Today in New Zealand History

Raid on the printing press of John Gorst, 24 March 1863. 4'38"

8:16 Artist: Ash Burton

Song: Tea at Te Kuiti

Comp: Avery

Album: SA 24

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 2'47" 2'47"

8:20 Homework

8:22 Robbie Robinson Remembers

The story of the man behind "Motoring with Robbie". Part 1 11'14"

8:33 Artist: Eddie Low and Gary Buck

Song: Pokarekareana

Comp: Avery

Album: JB 148

Label: Joe Brown

Dur: 2'26" 2'36"

8:40 Some Wartime "Propaganda"

A May 1942 BBC broadcast "Londoners Take to Carrying Their Gas Masks." This recording features a report on the adoption of gas masks by Londoners following the bombing of Russia with poisonous gas by Germany.

8:45 Artist: Diana and the Yugo Quartet

Song: Tri Slatke Rijeci

Comp: Not stated

Album: FEP 100

Label: Pye

Dur: 3'22" 3'22'

8:49 An Ordinary Farm Day

A classic story from the 'From the Back Country" series.


8:59 Fill: Artist: Dick le Fort (piano)

Song: Lucky Me

Comp: Not stated

Album: LTV 13

Label: Music World

Dur: 2'55"

9:06 As I Remember

A moment to Remember - Waitangi 1940, written by Glenys Henry of Taurikura

9:12 Artist: Maria Winder and David Wood (vocal0, Dayle Anderson (piano)

Song: A Maori Canoe

Comp: Hill

Album: Not stated

Label: Not stated

Dur: 3'29"

9:16 Homework

9:18 The Dunedin Gas Light and Coke Company was the first in the country, established in 1862

In September In 1996 a reunion of gas workers was held in Dunedin and Jack Perkins of Spectrum recorded their memories.

Part One. 12'48"

9:32 Artist: Jo Stafford

Song: Ireme, Goodnight, Irene

Comp: Lomax

Album: Not stated

Label: Not stated

Dur: 3'10"

9:38 Book of the Week

Patched, The History of Gangs in New Zealand by Jarrod Gilbert
Published by Auckland University Press
ISBN: 9781869407292

In this extract from a 2008 Insight documentary by Bryan Gibson Jarrod Gilbert and others discuss the issue in the light of a renewal of gang violence.


9:53 Artist: Marsden Chamber Choir

Song: Shenandoah

Comp: Not stated

Album: Not stated

Label: Not stated

Dur: 2'55"

9:56 Stories and sounds of the newspaper boys

9:59 Fill: Artist: The Radio Orchestra

Song: My Love

Comp: McCartney

Album: LTV 13

Label: Music World

Dur: 2'55"