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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

First New Zealand Catholic Bishop - Francis Redwood 17 March 1874.


8:18 Homework - choose your "Turning Point" in New Zealand history

8:19 Artist: Kokotahi Band

Song: Mountains of Mourne. My Wild Irish Rose, Sweet Rosie O'Grady

Comp: Not stated

Album: SLC 274

Label: Kiwi

Dur: 3'38"

8:26 Motoring with Robbie 7'22"

8:36 Artist: Kate Harcourt

Song: Five Little Bears

Comp: Not stated

Album: SREG 30007

Label: HMV

Dur: 2'29"

8:40 Artist: Ian Turbitt (vocal and guitar), Mouse Keelan (guitar) Colvin Steel (bass), Darryl Jones (drums).

Song: Train Bridge

Comp: Phil Tilbury

Album: Not stated

Label: Not stated

Dur: 3'27"

8:45 Alice Mackenzie recalls "seeing a moa" during 1883 when she was 8 years old at Jacksons Bay

And talks about her book Pioneers of Martins Bay. Recorded 1959.


8:57 Artist: Paul Walden

Song: No Moa

Comp: Paul Walden

Album: Not stated

Label: EMI

Dur: 2'22" 2'22"

9:00 News

9:08 As I Remember

Sixpence To Spend by Patricia Ridding of Masterton.


9:15 Artist: Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Hotel Orpheans

Song: I'm Going To Get Lit Up

Comp: Not stated

Album: 743515

Label: Rajon

Dur: 2'32"

9:19 The beginning of the digital age in libraries

National Librarian Peter Scott discusses developments in this 1993 interview.


9:25 Homework

9:26 Cartoonist Sid Scales with the story of his three years as a prisoner of war of the Japanese

Part Two, 9'16"

9:35 Artist: Ben McDonald (vocal and piano), Marian Burns (fiddle) Red McElvie, Trevor Wright and Doug Petrie.

Song: Phil the Fluter's Ball

Comp: French

Album: Not stated

Label: Not stated

Dur: 3'18" 3'18"

9:39 Bookshelf

Fading Fast. Images from New Zealand's South by David and Rita Teele and Val McMillan
Bunny Busters, 413 McDonnell Rd, Queenstown
ISBN 9780473206420

9:41 Recollections of Wairarapa pioneer, George Pain

A 1948 reading in of his recollections of the 1880s held at the Alexander Turnbull Library.