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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

All Blacks beat England 2 December 1905.

CS 3'51"

8:14 Homework answers

Steve Farrow of Wellington and Tom Brooks of Western Australia. CS 3'11"

8:18 Ain't It A Shame (Karaitiana)

Pixie Williams 1949 CS CD Blue Smoke 002 2'20"

8:21 Homework answers

Meg Sanders and Lindsay Stockbridge CS 6'36"

8:28 Sapper Horace Moore Jones

On Friday a street in Hamilton was named after Sapper Horace Moore Jones, the artist of the Gallipoli painting "Man with the Donkey" and the hero of a disastrous fire in Hamilton in 1922. Margaret Evans tells his story. CS 12'57"

1500 pounds is $170,000 - tell us about him

8:43 Because of You

Esme Stephens and Santos Romera and his Orchestra CD Stebbing 002 3'35"

8:47 Publisher Bridget Williams,

Bridget Williams discusses the digital future of books.

CS 12'26"

9:06 As I Remember

Tin Canoes on the Te Henui by Hugh Barr, read by Duncan Smith CS 2'59"

9:12 Down the Trail of Aching Hearts

Esme Stephens and Buddy Kaine CD Stebbing 002 2'57"

9:17 Homework entries

Kurt Payne, Rosemary Cole and John Ormond

CS 4'15"

9:23 Medley - The Syncopated Clock, Have I Told You Lately,Stardust

Leslie Dewhurst CS CD Zodiac 004 3'51"

9:27 Bookshelf:

The Gear - a History of the Gear Meat Preserving and Freezing Company by Warwick Johnson
Petone Historical Society
ISBN 978 187757251 7

9:31 In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening

Esme Stephens and Lyn Christie Trio CD Stebbing 002 2'53"

9:36 Book of the Week:

Meet Me at Beggs by Clare Gleeson
Ngaio Press
ISBN 978 0986 468544 20'04"