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8:10 Today in New Zealand History - 25 November 1835

Robert Maunsell joined the Church Missionary Society 3'54"

8:18 Maori Battalion Marching Song

CD Atoll ACD 206 3'54"

8:24 Homework and entry from Noel Vickeridge

8:29 All Black Bob Scott died this week

In this tribute Winston McCarthy calls him the "greatest footballer" and Bob Scott tells of his career in an interview after his retirement. 14'51"

8:46 Homework entry - Stella Forbes

8:47 This is New Zealand

A 1950s episode in which Jim Henderson tells of Bruce Crowley's dairy farming in Northland. Bruce's wartime exploits have been told in a recent book, "North to the Apricots"

North to the Apricots by Julia Millen. (Writes Hill)
ISBN 978 0 473 23416 6


9:06 As I Remember

Barracks Weeks 1930s - by Cliff Couch of Paraparumu, read by Damon Taylor 4'00"

9:14 As I Remember

From Thames to Thames, an immigrant's 1951 recollections by Lesley Tahtakilic. 4'05"

9:20 Watermelon Weather

Les Smith CD Zodiac 004

9:23 the history of the St. John's Church, Waikouaiti

A talk by Rev. P. C. Williams on the history of the St. John's Church, Waikouaiti, land for which was donated by Johnny Jones. Recorded for the 1958 centennial.


Book: Roadway to the Rushes - Waikouaiti and District 1840-1890 by Eileen Foote
ISBN 978 0 473 20721 2

9:30 Homework

Homework entries - Lois Buckley and Verna Walcott

George the Wilder New Zealand Boy (Morrison/Merito)

Howard Morrison Quartet CD EMI 5968442 9'14"

9:41 Bookshelf

What Happened to Haystacks and Horse? by Garrick Batten
Caprinex Enterprises
ISBN 9780473 210755

9:42 Book of the Week

Lives We Leave Behind, a novel by Maxine Alterio about the sinking of the Marquette during World War One in which ten New Zealand nurses died.

Lives We Leave Behind by Maxine Alterio
Published by Penguin
ISBN: 9780143565710