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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

Death of Elsden Best, 9 September 1931. 4'39"

8:17 Mount Eden Brass Band at the 1955 championships in Auckland.

For All the Saints

8:21 Homework

8:24 Kate Harcourt recalls her 1930s childhood and radio work.

Part Two. 17'23"

8:47 Taumarunui (Cape)

Mike Moore and Wildfire 45 Tartar 4'10"

8:51 The History of Building by Nigel Isaacs

Episode 5. Steel framing. 5'17"

8:56 Somebody

Phyl Mounce CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 3'05"

9:08 As I Remember -

Conscripted Village Postmaster by Robin Shepherd of Kaitaia, read by Phil Smith. 7'11"

9:19 Wild Horses

Ian Morton CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 2'54"

9:22 Homework

9:28 Today in History

On this day in 1952 a cave-in during the excavation of the Rimutaka rail tunnel trapped 27 men for over nine hours. One died later in hospital. An unnamed speaker (possibly a union official) describes the event. 7'11"

9:37 Auf Weidersehn Sweetheart

Doreen and Stewart Harvey CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 3'30"

9:41 Bookshelf:

Flashback - Tales and Treasures of Taranaki

By Andrew Moffat

Pure Ariki/Huia ISBN 9781869 694821

9:44 Ferdinand Song (ex 2ZP) 0'52"

9:47 Christchurch radio memories to mark 75 years of 3ZB

A reunion of Christchurch broadcasters will celebrate this anniversary and 50 years of CHTV3 at a reunion next weekend. 11'06"