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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

One Man, One Vote. 2 September 1889. 3'24"

8:15 Anniversary of New Zealand's Greatest Olympic Day - 2 September 1960

Snell and Halberg win gold at Rome, commentary by Lance Cross. 5'12"

8:23 Homework 2'00"

8:27 Fings Ain't What they Used to Be (Bart)

Max Bygraves with chorus from the Gang Show 45 Decca Dec 213 2'12"

8:31 The Moon Landing

A 1969 American radio programme about the moon landing. Marking the passing last week of the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. 11'42"

8:48 Mr Tap Toe

Rina Menzie CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 2'20"

8:54 Building History by Nigel Isaacs. Episode 4

Iron Before Steel 5'08"

9:00 News

9:10 As I Remember

The Wellington Earthquake 24 June 1942 by Patricia Ridding of Masterton. Read by Rebecca Blundell. 3'47"

9:17 I Went to Your Wedding

Spike Jones CD RCA 367814 3'27"

9:22 Homework 2'00"

9:25 Jai Hall talks about her project to cast and erect bells at woolsheds around the country the mark the World War II contribution of the land girls.


9:38 Till I Waltz Again with You

Shirley Tilton CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 3'29"

9:44 Johnny Goes to the Show (Kay Mayo) (extract)

Kate Harcourt, Peter Harcourt and Marjorie Orchiston (piano)

1969 45 Kiwi EA 168 3'03"

9:47 Dame Kate Harcourt describes her biographical show about to begin at Wellington's Downstage Theatre "Flowers From My Mother's Garden" and tells of her childhood.

Part One. 10'06"