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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

July 22 1864 - founding of Greymouth. 4'23"

8:14 Jim Gardner comments on how to write history 0'34"

8:15 Homework

8:18 Dem Bones

The Harmonaires CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 2'27"

8:25 Olympics 1936

Jack Lovelock wins gold in 1500 metres - part of the famous Harold Abrahams commentary 1'22"

8:28 New Zealand Presents - 1949 programme

The Rythymaires (Dunedin)

Robert Henry, piano (Wellington)

Jimmy Long (Christchurch)

Harry Wicks Trio (Auckland) 14'30"

8:45 Jim Gardner, the doyen of regional and local history, died in Christchurch on 14 July

In this 1999 interview he discusses the importance of regional history Part 1 of 2. 13'59"

9:06 As I Remember

School Camps by Roy Walker of Auckland, read by Phil Smith.


9:15 Sue Kellaway is a former Australian television journalist.

Sue Kellaway initially trained as a nurse, before switching to modelling and singing. She then worked in New Zealand.

The Frank Mannequin (Derrett)

Sue Kellaway LP HMV CSDM 6262 George Crow (piano) 5'58"

9:23 Homework

9:26 Radio reports on the great snow storm of 26 July 1939 with descriptions of the effect on Dunedin 5'46"

9:34 Piana Anna

Julian Lee Stebbing Zodiac CD 001 2'21"

9:38 Book of the Week

A Mind of his Own - the childhood of Hugh Price by Susan Price
Steele Roberts
ISBN 9781877577611