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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

Death of Dillon Bell July 15 1898 4'35"

8:17 Slow Coach

Del Harris CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 2'59"

8:23 Homework

8:26 Mrs M Rolleston of Tauranga explains how to prepare traditional Maori foods in a 1964 programme

8:40 A Bing Crosby programme sent to 1ZM Auckland during World War Two when the station was used by American forces


8:55 My Favourite Place

Riccarton House, Christchurch by Les Dew 3'34"

9:00 News

9:07 As I Remember - My Schooldays by Noeline Johnson of Dargaville, read by Rebecca Blundell. 2'35"

9:13 How Was I To Know

Kathy Lloyd CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 2'17"

9:16 Homework 1'45"

9:20 Ruweisat Ridge - VC awarded to Sgt Keith Elliott 15 July 1942

Arch Curry describes ceremony and Band of 4th Brigade plays. Extract from commentary from film of presentation of VC to Sgt Elliott. 15'06"

9:37 I Waited a Little Too Long

Edwin Duff and the Esquires CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 3'33"

9:42 Book of Week:

The Grand Old Man of Marlborough - Arthur Seymour by Kerry Griffiths
31 Wills Crescent Ashhurst
ISBN: 978-0-473-20668-0