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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

White Island Eruption 11 September 1914

8:18 Rugby Rock (Owen)

John Pike and Hop Owen and the Hop Heads (1960) CD

8:25 Homework

1. Who is speaking and about whom is he talking?

2. In the great days of the cinema - say from the 1930s to the 1960s there were two big nationwide theatre chains - what were their names?

8:27 Alison Holst recalls her early days as a television chef. Part 4.

8:42 Men of Harlech

The Fron Male Voice Choir CD Decca 533571

8:46 Prime Minister Sid Holland's farewell speech to the All Blacks of 1953-54.

8:52 Rugby Songs with Max Cryer - Part 2

Beneath the Maori Moon

George Nepia

On A Slow Boat to China

Pat Vincent CD

9:06 As I Remember

Poppa's War by Robin Shepherd of Kaitaia, read by Duncan Smith.

9:16 Homework

9:18 Pixie Williams

The vocalist who recorded the famous "Blue Smoke" in the 1940s recalls that occasion and other recordings she made.

9:40 Book of The Week

Guns and Utu by Matthew Wright
ISBN978 0143 565659

9:55 We'll Meet Again (Parker)

Vera Lynn CDA JA5069