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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

Salvation Army's battle in Milton 18 September 1893

8:18 Rugby Football (Andrews)

Les Andrews CASS ODE 333

8:24 Homework

1. Who is speaking and about what incident is he talking about?

2. In the great days of the cinema - say from the 1930s to the 1960s there were two big nationwide theatre chains - what were their names?

8:25 Ernest Le Grove newsreader of the 1950s and 1960s (1964)

8:31 A Fellow with a Fiddle (Spittle/McMillan)

Dusty Spittle CD

8:37 Maureen Telford, then 18, recalls her experience during the Ballantyne's fire in Christchurch on November 18 1947

8:51 Rugby Songs with Max Cryer - Part 3

The Feat of Fantastic Fergie (Pryme)

Lew Pryme CD

The Ballad of Fergie McCormick (Turner)

Marcus Turner LP Cityfolk CFR 007

9:07 As I Remember

Mother's Medicine Chest by Robin Shepherd of Kaitaia, read by Ryan Smith.

9:12 Homework

9:13 Sunshine CD

Danielle Rana with All Blacks Rodney So'oialo and Neema Tialata

9:20 The Great Nor Wester

Roger Lisby CD

9:26 Keep Right on to the End of the Road (Lauder)

Harry Lauder (1924) CD

9:31 Apple Song (Perrin)

David Wood CD

9:34 Rawene Boys (Calder)

Julie Collier CD EMI CDP 791478 CS

From her 1988 album  The Coming Of Age. 

First War emeorila imposing tower - memorial at church lists 84 names

9:38 Historian Ian McGibbon describes work being done at Gallipoli by historians and others in the lead up to 2015

9:54 "Ned Dunne"

A New Zealand poem of the 1890s written by Hamilton Thompson and read by Nadoo Balantine-Scott.