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8:07 Great Moments in New Zealand History May 1912

The Waihi Strike8:12 Music: Hawera Highland Pipe Band - Medleys

8:18 Today in New Zealand History

The life of Francis Logan, the leader of the Scottish immigration.

8:23 Rosina Buckman

One Fine Day (Puccini) CD Kiwi SLD 82

8:29 Opening of the 1950 Empire Games Auckland

8:45 Oscar Natzke

The Village Blacksmith (Weiss) CD Atoll ACD 801

8:47 Family Gathering

A recording for the BBC made in Auckland in 1946- Rev. Harry Ranston describes his life following immigration to New Zealand in 1902.

8:58 NZSO

Aotearoa (Goodwin) CD EMI 434 649

9:08 As I Remember

Naseby Church by Annie Villiers

9:13 David McAtamney

How Great Thou Art ( Hine)

9:15 Cricket Drama, Eden Park 1975

Ewen Chatfield and Peter Lever

9:26 Homework

9:27 1973 Headlines read by Peter Fry

1973 Music Track: The Carpenters Top of The World (Carpenter) CD A&M 397047

9:33 New Zealand in the 1970s

Episode Six Doleful Days - Unemployment and new techology.

9:43 Dame Elizabeth Gilmer,

The daughter of Richard John Seddon, gives an account of her childhood days in Kumara and later on her years in Wellington. Part One

9:58 NZSO

Jet Journey (Goodwin) CD EMI 434 649